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A Poem: Felicity

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Even the sky is blood red.

Even the sky is blood red.

A word seldom heard now: felicity.

In our world today

caught up in war and in strife,

our happy words fade,

Felicity gone?

"Happy New Year" still abides.

"Happy Birthday", too.

"Merry Christmas", too?

"Happy Valentines",

"Happy 4th" lingers.

Man's celebrations

disguise the times we are in.

False joy in Whoville.

The world mourns killings.

Dictators think might makes right.

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"Kill the innocents!"

"You are part of us."

Felicitations from bombs?

Barbaric gestures.

Again, peace is lost.

Life's efforts are destroyed.

Fight for freedom now.

Victor, vanquished: who?

Our world waits in stunned silence.

Who is on God's side?

"God is love" it says.

How do we explain all this?

They say, "God is dead!"

Did God die too, then?

Did Christ atone for man's greed?

Lying is a sin.

Seek the truth, and know.

Those who use the lies, are wrong.

Justice must prevail.

How long must it be

until felicity reigns?

There is One who knows.


All rights reserved.

© 2022 Demas W Jasper

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