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A Poem: Contentment Assured

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A white rose is said to symbolize peace.

A white rose is said to symbolize peace.

When will we be content?

Have we experienced contentment?

Did it have anything to do with bills being paid,

a full stomach after a satisfying meal,

the temporary distraction of some soothing music,

or some manmade victory we had hoped for?

In most respects those are what we call creature comforts.

Older folks sometimes talk about life achievements,

or what they value most from their lives.

Mothers speak in terms of their children's accomplishments.

Wiser grandfathers find a comfortable chair, and just reax.

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Synonyms of contentment are said to be

such things as emotional and physical satisfaction and happiness.

The wisest among us have learned "to be content in all things",

Rest assured that there is discontent, dissatisfaction, and no one

is expected to be happy and contented all the time.

Piecing together good stretches of contentment

may just be the best we can aspire to... this side of Heaven.


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