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A Photo Inspired Poetry: Hug of a Grandmother

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Hugs from My Grandma


A Photo Inspired Poetry.

by: Gianella Labrador

Written: 03/02/2022

Edited: 03/09/2022

I was hugging my grandmother so tight,

She have a belly;

that's as round as watermelon

but fluffy as a pillow.

It seems I was too scared to be left alone.

Fear and The Hug of An Inner Child.

I still lean on to people like that.

I still fret being alone out of the blue.

Like when you already got me used to having a company,

I'd be sad and crying, to be left alone again.

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Back then, I'd dread people might harm me.

Now, I hate it because...

I have to adjust to everything. From square zero.

I have to do things again on my own.

I have to fill the void.

I have to fill the noise and chaos that I hear every hour.

There will be things I get used to asking favors, but when gone, who do I call?

Sometimes, it's great to let people do favors for you.

But when you get so used to it, and suddenly leave you alone...

It's difficult to cope up.

Tight Hugs as A Love Gesture.

Hugging someone, especially a loved one.

It's comforting and relaxing.

All your fears, worries, problems, etc.

You can at least start to feel at ease when you are already safe in their arms.

You don't want them to break the hug, not until when you have calmed down.

No one leaves, till you stop sobbing.

A grandmother's hug is really special.

It feels so close to home.

Of course, nothing beats when you feel God's warmth and touch in your life.

No matter how much mucus in your nose gets excreted,

No matter how wasted you may look afterwards,

After crying in grandma's arms, it comes with an ice cream snack!

It's always worth it.

She always know how to make her grandchildren laugh and be happy again.

Through food!!!

You should know by now how easy it is to lure me with food! LOL.

For some reason,

I always try to level myself at the height of their stomach.

In modern terms, I love stomach hugs.

Is that even a term?

Well, it is now.

Just have to add in Google Dictionary.

I still can't manage to hug the size of my grandmother's belly now if she were alive.

I wished I could have hugged her a little tighter in this photo.

Good old times.


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© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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