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A Personal Silence: A Heartwarming Tale about a Friendship Built without Words

A Personal Silence by Molly Gloss

The other night I finished a fantastic book, but now that it is over I am indecisive about what to read next. So to overcome my indecisiveness I chose to read a random story out of The Year’s Best Scifi Eighth Edition. The story I ended up reading A Personal Silence by Milly Gloss and here is my review.

So what is it about? It’s set in the aftermath of World War III and it follows a mute ex-soldier suffering from PSTD, named Jay. He now walks across the world on foot and writes magazine articles about what he sees on is travels. He now intends to travel to a small island north of the Washington peninsula, by a boat he will make by hand. As he stays in a ran down nearly abandoned town to build this boat an odd quiet strange girl named Mare decides to help hm. The two broken people bond in silence during Jay’s stay.

The good? There is something touching about the connection between the two. It’s implied Marie is ether psychic or is mentally ill. Jay has extreme PSTD, where he is only doing what he doing because he is unsociable and broken. So this strange silent friendship was really beautiful. It’s also nice to see a story about sufferers of mental illnesses in a respectful way.

The bad? There is a little science fiction in this scifi tale other than World War III, there are no scifi elements. This is at its heart a drama, and little else. This a little bit of a twist, but it’s not enough to make it a generic piece.

Overall, this is a sweet tale about a man and child building a friendship in silence. It’s a nice heartwarming story, but nothing beyond that. It’s not a must read, but if you stumble upon it, it’s worth your time.

3 smoothies out of Five

Overall Rating: A Heartwarming Tale about a Friendship Built without Words.

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