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A Position of Trust

Beauty is only skin deep


When the lights went off suddenly I realized much to my panic that the old lady was still in the locker room perhaps groping around in the dark for her jewelleries and other assets anxiously and screaming for help. I shouted to press the standby generator into service but alas! Due to some technical snags it was also not serviceable! So I rushed to the strong room to personally enquire about the lady. Standing in front of the main door and totally embarrassed I was dumbstruck finding her bedecked with countless golden and diamond ornaments and watching herself closely in the mirror oblivious of my presence and perhaps reminiscing about the past. An endless number of such ornaments were also lying scattered on the Centre tables. It was a spacious room with adequate furniture allowing anyone to spend some time to put on ornaments and relax sitting or pacing up and down on the carpets like one’s own living room. Since I was hesitant to enter the room at such an inconvenient time I chose to cough voluntarily by way of warning when she seemed to come to her senses and without using her voice only signalled to hand over the candle I was carrying and leave the place. Still I told her to wait a jiffy till the lights returned and assuring sufficiently that the whole Bank staff members were with her and not to worry. She again seemed to be immersed in her job of looking at her adornment. I also soon returned to my seat to be surrounded by the waiting customers who had by then swelled substantially due to my short absence and unfortunate power disruption. However, nobody could have an inkling of what an unsavoury incident had happened downstairs during such a short period of power failure as every staff member was busy looking after own documents and requesting the waiting customers to bear a little with the Bank in view of such unforeseen circumstances.

Where does core beauty lie?

After a few days the lady visited the branch accompanied by her daughter to operate the locker again. At the very sight of them my heart went pit a pat imagining that they would be whipped into fury recalling the incident sending us into a real tizzy whining about any missing item, for no fault of the Bank though. I took the opportunity to read her mind by politely asking “Madam, Why don’t you bring your daughter or a daughter in law while operating the locker? Generally the elderly locker hirers act in such a way and we are also relieved of any unnecessary worries regarding safe keeping of your valuables?” “I have full faith in this Bank and I am sure if I leave any item outside my locker mistakenly you will immediately contact me over the phone. So why disturb them who are busy working women. Further I am extremely sorry for the unusual delay on my part last time when I was silently celebrating the golden jubilee anniversary of our marriage in the locker room”.

We had so long been charmed by her enviable physical beauty but now we discovered the graciousness and honesty of the widow.



ARUN KANTI CHATTERJEE (author) from KOLKATA on December 27, 2018:

Sanjib Talukder

Thank you very much for reading and leaving positive comments which will only enrich my hub.

Sanjib Talukder on December 25, 2018:

I had a similar experience when I was posted at College St.Market Branch at the time of dealing with Locker and got scared for similar situation. Thanks God nothing had happened.

ARUN KANTI CHATTERJEE (author) from KOLKATA on April 28, 2018:

Nithya Venkat- Thank you for stopping by and leaving such wise comments.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on April 28, 2018:

Enjoyed reading about this incident, the widow is kind and gentle with a great heart.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on June 16, 2013:

:-) :-)

ARUN KANTI CHATTERJEE (author) from KOLKATA on June 16, 2013:

@Bravewarrior- Thank you for stopping by leaving such wise comments which have enriched my story. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on June 16, 2013:

Physical beauty can be ruined if beauty does not radiate from within. I'm glad the woman in the story proved to be the bearer of true beauty. Nice story!

ARUN KANTI CHATTERJEE (author) from KOLKATA on June 13, 2013:

PurvisBobbi44- Your wonderful comments remind me of the proverb :' Diamond cut diamond ' You need no further introduction. Thank you very much for stopping by leaving such wise comments.

Barbara Purvis Hunter from Florida on June 13, 2013:

What a great working experience you had in the bank. And it is so nice when you find out that beauty comes from within.

Everyone matures and beauty fades---but not the beautiful spirit that is truly the person within.

An interesting hub and I enjoyed it very much.

Bobbi Purvis

ARUN KANTI CHATTERJEE (author) from KOLKATA on May 26, 2013:

MsDora -Thank you very much for your visit and such kind comments. May God bless you.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on May 26, 2013:

Thanks for a very good read. The story is very well narrated.

ARUN KANTI CHATTERJEE (author) from KOLKATA on May 25, 2013:

Livingsta- Thank you very much for your visit and your positive comments.

livingsta from United Kingdom on May 25, 2013:

Enjoyed reading this story, and I was quite sure that you were going to end that interestingly. That is exactly what you've done too. I liked the moral of the story and it is so true.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Voted up and sharing!

ARUN KANTI CHATTERJEE (author) from KOLKATA on May 24, 2013:

Joe-It's a real pleasure for me to go through your wonderful comments after publishing my hubs. I wonder how nice the piece could have been had it been written by one of your stature!

As for your query let me clarify that a strong room is specially built with reinforced concrete cement strictly as per the specifications and cabinets containing each say 75, 90 locker or vault units are installed to be let out subsequently to the customers.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Arun Kanti

Hawaiian Odysseus from Southeast Washington state on May 23, 2013:

This is a most pleasant account that you've shared with us, Arun, the core theme underscored in the final paragraph. How very true--about where real beauty lies.

So, the locker room is equivalent to our term, safety deposit box vault? I only ask because in America, locker room makes one think of the room where athletes get dressed or the changing area in a gym. I love your style of writing, and I am reminded of the great classic writers, Rudyard Kipling and Joseph Conrad.

It's a real pleasure to follow your work, my friend. Aloha, and have a wonderful weekend!


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