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A Long Ride. Chapter Two.

I am the author of Twenty Ways I Thought I Died 1& 2, Paradise Street, Paint My Heart, and Pathetic Couple.


This case is just too much Krunchgrizzly! We told you to kill him and run, why did you have to bring him here?

Common Jersey! I told you how the circumstances went. Besides I had a better plan when I was locked up in his boot. We get the balance of our money first, sign the other contract before killing the idiot.

And you think you can trap the governor with this joke of yours? That man has eyes everywhere and he is way smarter than you!

But not than us put together Jersey! Common think and think fast! I was suppose to get that interview and seal that dirty deal in NRDA but this jerk of a man ruined it. The interview was done and others at the government office got an ideal person as storekeeper. I was called to go cause trouble in Domingo’s home and visit him in his office and kill him. Then dump the body in his house; as if he got to know of his wife’s affair and they got into a fight and she killed him. I left marks on that woman’s body while I raped her, so it could look as if she struggled with her husband. I even decorated their bedroom romantically and tied her up so she won’t go fetch her kids from school. The plan was to rape her and leave marks on her, tie her up; go to Domingo’s office; kill him and dump the body in their bedroom and untie his wife. And the headline would have been; Man caught his wife in an affair, they had a fight and she killed him in the process.

So why didn’t you go as planned krunchgrizzly?

Because I never expected him to knock me out.

And when you got the chance to knock him out, why did you drive him here in his car boot instead!

Because the game just changed.

And what do you mean?

I have always had the idea of working with the president directly and not with the governor. So I am going to ruin the plans of the governor to get to the president.

And what’s your reward in all of this?

I will fulfil the promise I made to my grandfather before he died.

And which is?

Which is, to make Delta what Lagos is today.

I don’t understand.

What is it you don’t understand Jersey? You are from Chad. You saw how Chad did well when they kissed the feet of my forefathers. I can make Chad bigger than that if you kiss my cheek. Lets work together Jersey. I have groomed a division call The grandmasters and our goal is to give to my people what is truly theirs. And I need to work directly with the president to achieve this.

I still don’t fully understand you? What is Domingo Fishman’s presence in all of this?

He is a Business Developer and a very good one at that. If we get him to our side, he will give us the exact plan we need to execute this.

And you think he will want to help you?

Yes. Because he has no choice.

What do you mean he has no choice?

I will let you know everything as time progresses. First, let’s get him out of the boot and we both find a safe place to strategically handle the governor and get to the president.

That night was particular cold for Fishman ss he laid cramped in his own boot wondering how long he will be kept here and wondering if this would be his last night in this world.

Just as he was about thinking of a plan to get out, he heard footsteps approaching. He laid still breathless as the boot flung wide open and fresh air caressed his face.

He was pulled out by Krunchgrizzly and the cloth over his mouth was untied.

Untie my hands now you bastard! How dare you put me in my own boot for millions of hours? Do you want to kill me?

Like you wanted to? I am nothing like you Mr Domingo. You are a Fishman with a fish brain. Wait and watch what I will do to you if you call me one more foul names again. Untie him Jersey! And if you dare run, I will send an arrow through your back and no one, I repeat no one will hear a single cry of yours because you will die instantly.


What do you want. Domingo asked as he was untied.

I need a business plan on how to take power from Lagos and turn Delta into a centre of excellence.

What kind of plan is that?

A brilliant one! He echoed with his hands in the air. Our president Mallam Bashiru Dangoki has only one means to achieving his aim, which is the power of the west. If I can take that power and give it to South, he will dance to our tunes. And I intend making a permanent arrangement with them so I will see to it that power always remain in the North. With that, power of the west will always remain with the South.

Look am not a politician okay, I didn’t read political science. I read Businesses Administrations, so if you think I can help you with a plan to execute this dream of yours, then you are just delusional.

You just wait and see. He reaches for his phone in his pocket and opened his gallery. Smiling wickedly, he showed him a picture of his wife tied up.

What have you done! You tied my wife! What’s the meaning of this nonsense! First you said you made love to her, then now you show me a picture of her tied up?

Do you know who asked me to rape your wife and tie her up? The governor.

Common please, I don’t even know the man personally so why would he even do that to me?

He knows you personally because you work for him.

Krunchgrizzly or whatever your name is, I run a small outsourced firm and I partnered with a small outsourced recruiting company who runs government offer for a jobs. You’ve got the wrong guy.

Never! I am never wrong! You see, you are just a moron. And the more I tell you, the less you will see you know. But I am not going to spill the beans all out today. First things first, your wife will be untied and your children school teacher will release your children to her as soon as you agree to sign a contract with us. If you don’t agree, I will kill her from here. And don’t even ask me how I am going to do it!

Please let my family go, they are too young and innocent.

Jersey, let’s take Mr Fishman in; I feel he is ready to cooperate. Smiling wickedly again.

As they entered the abandoned warehouse, Domingo wondered how long they drove to get here and how far he was from home.

Seat! He ordered as he dragged an iron chair and forced him on it. These are the papers given to the governor from the president. I was suppose to be in your place doing the dirty work at NRDA. I would have signed it as soon as I was employed there. So now, I will sign in place for the governor, while you will sign in my place. And I will personally deliver it to the president.

I don’t see my name here. All I see is officer 010 and armed man 23.

We don’t use names, we use codes. But the signatures speaks for the owners. So just sign.

As Domingo signed, all he had in mind was to keep his family safe for now, while he escaped later on and relocate with his family.

Good boy. Krunchgrizzly smiled sweetly this time around with his big lips. He reached for his phone again in his pocket, and dialled. He spoke his dialect Uhrobo and Fishman couldn’t understand a word.

Your children has been released and will be joining your wife soon. Lets move, we are changing base.

Sorry sir, I just want to ask a question.

Make it quick.

You said my children were held hostage by their class teacher. How is that so? I know their class teachers and they are not bad people.

Do I look like a bad person to you Domingo? I am a very good man with a good course. I am only trying to help my people and save us from oppression and insecurities. Those class teachers are good people, but they work for the governor and they are part of my division The grandmasters. We placed them in the school to keep our pawn, which is you; under our control.

Jesus! What else have you done? Who else have you been using on me?

Start moving! He pushed him with his hand so hard, that got Domingo’s feet moving in a hurry.

Where you taking me to!

If you shout again, I will give you the sedative that kept you asleep for seven hours. Now get into the boot.

Boot, no please don’t put me in the boot, I am an asthmatic patient, I might just die.

Lies! Jersey throw him into the boot but make sure you tie his mouth first.

As Domingo’s mouth was been tied up again, he had one plan in hand; to fake a seizure. He knew they were tying him up so he could not have a hint of their destination . He needed to outsmart them.

My heart, my heart, oh my chest I can’t breathe.

What do you mean you can’t breathe! Please krunchgrizzly do something we need this man alive to achieve our plan.

Do you have an inhaler?

How is he suppose to have one judging the circumstances he got here. Jersey fired back.

You guys just get away from me let me breathe in fresh air okay. And give me some minutes I will be fine. Can I get water please?

Jersey please get him water!

There is water in the car dammit. I always keep water there, just check the front seat.

Okay am getting it, am getting it just hold on. Jersey stammered as he hurried to get the water from the front seat.

Please hurry am choking. Domingo lied.

Here it is! Take it! Please drink.

Domingo drank as fast has he could, pretending as if his life depended on it. Oh no! He lamented. Please don’t put me in the boot, I might just die.

Okay fine. Get into the front seat! You just a wasted fool I need to use. I wonder why you are soo weak.

As they were about to get into the car with Domingo heading for the back seat, a loud noise alerted them.

What’s that Krunchgrizzly? Was that a gun?

Jersey lower your voice dammit. You want to get us all killed?


And where do you think you all are going? A strange voice alerted them.

Who are you? Speak! Krunchgrizzly ordered.

You scoundrel! I pay you to do my dirty jobs and you suddenly feel like the turban?

Governor? Is that you sir? Jersey asked with in a low tone.

Yes Jersey. Your services will be well rewarded. If not for you, I won’t know what this useless Krunchgrizzly was up to.

What Jersey! You did this to me? You alerted the governor?

Yes he did! You fool! What were you thinking? That you can outsmart me? I governor Shola Akintunde Adekoya the fifth. No one dares to challenge me. Bull dog! He called out. Come here!

Sir! Governor boss.

Take this Krunchgrizzly and send him to where I shall never see his face again.

Yes sir! He grabbed Krunchgrizzly and took him into the warhorse. After a few seconds, a loud cry of a mighty man was heard. It appeared Krunchgrizzly was been butchered to death.

The governor stood looking at me eyeball to eyeball. You! You work directly for me now and you have just replaced Krunchgrizzly.

Governor sir please I don’t want to be part of this. For God’s sake I am a married man with children.

You think your wife is faithful to you? I will make her an offer she will never refuse.

I know my wife. Yes she may be very young but she is not an ambitious woman and she loves I and the kids very much. You can never buy her.

Then I will just send her to a refugee camp. No more small talks, get into the car.

Sir am done. Bull dog returned looking all bloody. He has gone to meet his ancestors.

Good boy. Now let’s get going.

As I turned to look at Jersey, he had a look in his eyes that spat betrayal. One that was worst than that in Krunchgrizzly’s eyes. How could he do something like this to his friend whom he just got into a new deal with? And what was soo important in me that the governor of Lagos state could drive down to God knows where and this late to accomplish this foolish task. What has he really gotten into? Whatever it was, he knew he would have preferred Krunchgrizzly’s plan if he had to choose.

As they drove the dusty road in dense darkness and a convoy following behind, he wondered if his so called partner Ahmed had sold him into this mess just as Jersey had betrayed Krunchgrizzly. Then he thought of the new proposal Ahmed had been singing about soo sweetly lately. He hadn’t really paid attention to it because Ahmed made it look as if he had it all covered. Could it be he is the governor’s pawn? Sent to work with him and do their dirty deals in his name without him knowing? Damn! I should have known! He said out almost loudly.

Know what Domingo Fishman?

Nothing governor.

Do you know why I asked you to ride with me?

You did not ask me to ride with you sir. You just abducted me.

What! Laughing loudly, he continued. I want you to kill the president tomorrow. He is expecting you. When you get there, do exactly as I tell you too. If you are caught, kill yourself and your family will be highly compensated. If you don’t, they will die instead of you. Right now, we will go in my private jet to Abuja tonight and I will lodge you in a very fancy hotel. You can have all the wine, food and women you need tonight because it may just be your last. I am governor Shola Akintunde Adekoya the fifth. Your life is in my hands now.

You must be kidding me! I am not a murderer, have never killed anyone before. I am a Business Developer. How do you expect me to kill and let alone the president! I will never succeed at that.

That’s the more reason why you are just soo good for this task. He won’t suspect a thing! We need to take power from the North. When you kill the president, the vice automatically becomes the president and he is from the west. But he will have to step down because he is my pawn. And what other candidate the opposing party have that is better than me? I will win the elections and my generation will hold power.

Sometimes when you rich people speak, I wonder if you know the law. How can your generation hold power? Nigeria practices a multiparty system not hereditary rulership. Its democracy for crying out loud.

The same way the Northerners want to turn Nigeria into an Islamic country, is the same way the westerns want to turn this country into hereditary governance. My generation will rule this country one after another!

It is not that simple?

I never said it is. I only know that with power and money, anything is attainable. This county is lawless! I mean our lawyers are stupid and the people are selfish. No one wants to die so they will just make some noise and shut up eventually.

Look what’s my own in all of this? Am not even a Nigerian, I am from Togo. I only settled here and got married here. I have no Interest in anything you are talking about.

I know. But your county does.

My country? What do you mean?

The more you hear, the less you understand. Now stop talking, we need to focus.

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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