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A Long Ride. Chapter Six

I am the author of Twenty Ways I Thought I Died 1& 2, Paradise Street, Paint My Heart, and Pathetic Couple.


Did you think you can run away from me Domingo Fishman.

A bucket of water thrown at my face brought me back to life. But I was in a bus park sleeping and Joy was massaging me, where is Krunchgrizzly’s voice coming from?

Domingo Fishman! The sedative has worn off already, why have you still decided to remain in dream land?

What! Krunchgrizzly? I called out slowly opening my eyes to reality. Krunchgrizzly? I called his name like a question.

Yes its me. Surprised? Wounder how you got here after falling asleep with the touch of your mistress? That poor woman cried so hard when I took you.

I tried to get up but couldn’t. What have you done to me Krunchgrizzly?

Don’t bother standing up from there. Just sit upright instead of lying down like a wretch. Anyway that’s what you are or should I say what you have decided to become.

Krunchgrizzly please I am begging you to let me go back to my family. I cannot live like this and I will just die this way in your crazy war. This doesn’t concern me please I'm just a Togolise.

Just you say! and still you want it to remain that way. Do you think I am a politician? Do you think this is a national war or any kind of war at that! No my dear Fishman. This is an ancestral battle. The first day we met, you asked me what kind of name I bore. To you it's strange but to me it isn’t because I know it's meaning. Krunchgrizzly was the last words my great grandfather was able to mutter when he was dying. My father had told me he was killed by poisonous drinking water. Our lands had been contaminated with petroleum and our waters very bad. We could travel many villages just to get drinking water fit for drinking. Still the one he drank was not fit for drinking. When he was dying, he was trying to tell my father something but it just came out as muttering sounds, and he died with the mystery. When I was born, my father made up the words as Krunchgrizzly and gave it to me as a name. You know why? So I could solve the mystery. In time everyone felt I was chosen by my ancestors to fight this battle and win. I Krunchgrizzly Auwenagha was named after the last cry of a mighty man. And this foreshadowed my birth as the processor of a mighy man. I am Krunchgrizzly Auwenagha, son of Ododo Auwenagha will bring about a complete change and solution to the cries of the Niger Delta as a whole.

After listening to this man’s so called great speech, I could only call him a coward. I gently stood up from the floor I sat. Krunchgrizzly Auwenagha or whatever you call yourself, why do you need me in an ancestral fight that does not concern me? I asked angrier than ever.

Do you know how stupid you are? You seriously don’t know what goes on underground I get, but atleast you should have read about the nooks and cranny of African countries closely associating and relying on my country. What do you think of yourself? That you are so special to me? I would have killed you the way I killed that Benue lover of yours!

What! What the hell are you saying? What happened to Joy? What happened to Joy you bastard! I really wanted to rush over to him and hit him so hard but the fierce looking faces of the youths surrounding him stopped me. And he noticed it.

You see these fifty five number of persons around me? They are just a fraction of the division I formed. We are the grandmasters! And I am their god. So you better think twice Fishman before trying to escape again.

I need to see my family. Please I just want to see them and know how they are doing.

Be a man first, then you will see your family. I Krunchgrizzly keeps his word.

What do you want me to do? How did I even get here? I asked looking confused than ever.

I am a god in Dletal state. And you went to a Delta bus park. What were you expecting? I was informed and I gave the order that you be brought here asleep. You have been sleeping since you got here and I have been waiting tirelessly for you to wake up. That’s all you know to do, sleep like your president and wait for Nigeria to feed you all.

I was relieved Joy wasn't dead, he just pulled my legs. Krunchgrizzly I need to know more about this. Why plan an underground division and trade affairs. What really is my country doing?

With time you will know Fishman. What do you think happened to Liberia? And why? Diamonds got them intoxicated and they just felt they could do without Nigeria. Everything that was done underground to keep their economy running by us, they jeopardised. Look, we have the market! Even China with all their industrialisation, depend on our market. How much more one small county in Africa? So you see, we are the giant of Africa and whether you know it or not, there is an underground involvement or ours to the success of each African country; including South Africa. You guys can’t do without us. Liberia thought they could, and see how destroyed they were without our help. If only they had kept their own side of the bargain before the war broke out.

I think I am understanding this more and more. But when you speak, you speak of Nigeria as a whole helping other counties and not Delta. So why is this about Delta now?

Now, one thing almost every Nigerian chooses not to know is that; Delta is the source of power in Nigeria. And the Hausa’s know how to make use of that power so we just let them. But they failed to keep their own side of the bargain.

Which is? I asked with all curiosity.

To keep the promise their forefathers made to my ancestors. To make Delta capital, to make Delta number one , to give our children the life of the rich since riches began here, to make Delta a city of Excellence. Do you know why they chose not to keep their promise?

No. I answered coldly.

So power may never be given to us and remain with them. But when the west began competing with the North for power, they both agreed to exclude us from such a quest for their selfish needs. They got scared and greedy. We became a mutual benefit and enemy for them. The South must remain small so we can continue to run the economy with it's power and let them just battle for it. But in the long run most of the votes should come to us the North.


How do you know all these?

Because we have always worked for them. But not anymore. This time, the North and the south must team forces as one power to rule. We want power to remain in the south because our ancestors gave it to them, for reasons best known to them. But now, we want to have a say in governance for the betterment of our people. So together we shall rule.

But Asaba has been given the pride it needs, so I'm sure that jurisdiction won’t support you.

How dare they! Do they want to die? Asaba is our smallest baby, who is she? But a little daughter of ours. She must support. Asaba got a glory that wasn’t hers because there was a marriage alliance with the North. We understand we need the North so we will help the North against the west and get what we deserve.

And what is this help you are getting from Benue?

Benue! For the first time you asked a very smart question. I need Benue because most of our lands in Delta are bad for planting due to our oil. And we just may never be able to fix it even after our victory. So Benue will become our farmlands. And what cheaper offer could we give them than to marry their daughters when we get to glory.

Do you think the Benue people are that stupid? I asked curiously.

They are and will remain so. Mr Domingo Fishman, the faster you agree to be supportive of my plan and assist us, the sooner we all gain including your country and then go back to your family again.

My country stands to gain yes, but how do I personally gain in all of this. You know I am a Business man and developing business plans are what I do for a living.

You son of a gun! I will give you your freedom. What better offer could there be?

My freedom? How? Is that a pay or what?

I didn’t call you son of a gun for nothing. Your father made you run from your homeland remember?

How did you know that? I asked trembling.

Seriously? How do a god know that? How could you even ask me that. Even if you forget your past, a god can’t. Your father as you know was a hoodlum who worked for the government as an undercover. He arrangement whatever disgusting lowlife plan they had. He was an uneducated Business Developer who developed uncultured strategies for your president.

And they used him and killed him. I ran to Nigeria to start my life as a fifteen year old orphan. Now I am fifty and educated, you want me to go back to do things that killed my father and almost got me killed too?

You call yourself an orphan but your mother is alive.

I do not have a mother! Don’t you ever say that again.

What if I tell you she is now the mother to the present president of your country.

For some minutes my mouth was agape. I did not know a thing about my mother because I heard she was a prostitute and left me with my father the moment she gave birth to me. But whatever Krunchgrizzly just told me sounded like truth to me because because because

Because what! Krunchgrizzly fired. Because what Fishman?

How could you read my mind? How did you know what I was thinking? I shouted.

Do not be afraid. I told you I am a god. I will tell you about your past, present and future in due time. Remember I told you your country sold you for this course? In due time you will understand everything. Batman!

Yes god!

Take Domingo Fishman to his room and give him clean clothes to wear after bathing. Our plan has begun.


Get up Domingo, lets go. Batman grabbed my hand and forced me up. He looked so built up to and had a red color on his face one that looked like a birth mark. It was strange and he looked very strange but I followed him for fear I could anger god Krunchgrizzly. I was beginning to become very afraid of him.

Batman lead me through a small door leading upstairs. It was then I knew I was underground because when we climbed up the stairs, I was welcomed into a beautiful home which looked like a Palace.

The bedroom I was taken into had lots of life plants and everything a five star bedroom should look like. All the sheets and curtains were white and the bathroom was like a mini pool. I had a hot bath and changed into appropriate cloths. Something I had not done in a while and a nice dish of boiled yam and pepper soup was brought to me. I eat in a hurry and laid down to rest.

As I was resting, something told me to go outside my room. So I opened the door and walked through the hallway. Then I saw a stairs leading upstairs which was positioned in a large living room. I took the stairs leading upstairs and then I could hear voices. One sounded like Ese's while the other was Krunchgrizzly. I walked slowly towards the room they were in and I peep through to see them both arguing.

Ese please I won’t get you involved in this again. You have played your part now and you need to return to school and study hard for the position I am going to give you when Delta becomes the new Lagos.

Krunchgrizzly I am already involved and can’t just back out now. You need me.

Need you, you say! Ese we almost lost Fishman because of you! Its over for you here. Go back to school tomorrow.

Krunchgrizzly you need me in this war. If my father was by your father then he won’t have died. But he always loved doing things alone and that’s why he died.

Ese how many times will I tell you that I am not fighting a war! Jesus! That strategy was use by my uncles and see where it landed us! We are now known as militants. Our ancestors tried African juju and their gods still killed them with it. Many of them died mysteriously and eradicating their linage. Our forefathers did what? They decided to sell us to the white men for their greed and some did it out of stupidity. And guess what our fathers did? They decided to work directly with foreign oil investors so our voices would be heard, but was it? No! Which turned our uncles into militants. But no more with any of those approaches! I am a god born for this purpose and which is to settle things as a god and not as some violent person who would result to the Killings of his own people just to achieve a vision.

Krunchgrizzly please listen to me.....

Not another word Ese! Do you realise who you are arguing with?

I am sorry god. But am just scared and concerned about you.

That’s the problem Ese. You are scared and fear is not a friend or foe I entertain! It is something I eradicate. Do you want me to eradicate you!

I’m sorry my god. Please forgive me. I know your course is a bloodless one and my god has the wisdom from above to give us all what we deserve.

Good girl. My method is a plan. I am a Business man and I will use the plan of a business developer to achieve my aim. I have told you before, we will use the one we gave power to, over the other; who has the concept we need. Delta must become new Lagos and every Niger Delta person must be educated to the highest degree to manage our rigs and oil wells we will build. We will become so big that the North will have no choice than to join power with us to make it stronger. And together what we become shall be permanent. Ese my dear.

Yes god. She replied softly.

It's time to get Domingo Fishman for me. It is now time to face the governor of Lagos state through the president. Go get him while I place a call to Togo’s impatient president.

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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