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A Long Ride. Chapter Seven

I am an Author and humanitarian who is the founder of Jade Anibor Foundation.

Chapter Seven!


It has been twenty four hours since I last saw Krunchgrizzly. He had gone to arrange a meeting with I, him and the president of Nigeria. And I just received a call that the president of Togo will be joining for the meeting and he will be coming along with my birth mother. This made me sick more in the stomach.

I am a fifty year old man but I don’t know why I feel so terrified now like a toddler who needs breast milk but is afraid to bite his mother. Why would I come face to face with such a horrible loosed woman. As I was deep in my thoughts, Ese called out to me.

Domingo we need to leave now. Krunchgrizzly is waiting outside with his private jet. Let’s go see the president.

We got out and found our way to the jet. Inside it was home in the sky! How come he enjoyed so much luxury and still had the need and time to fight a course that he could easily avoid. I mean what passion does he have for the poor that didn’t give him sound sleep amidst his wealth.

I know what you are thinking Fishman. But I must remind you this is my heritage along with my course. I hope you have resolved differences from last night.

I still don’t agree with you Krunchgrizzly. Your plan is suicidal! How do you expect me to break all protocols in business and plan this thing accurately? Look if we are going to do this, then we better do it my way. I have a better plan than the one we both had.

And Which is?

We need to involve the president of Togo fully. I don’t believe in playing games.

Aaron Kossi is a senseless man. Do not bother yourself about him. If we stick to the plan we can side-track him. I don’t even plan spending all Niger Delta's money on that clown.

So you are saying that we steal from them instead? Look I don’t steal from poor people and give the rich gifts to keep them on my side. You know why? Because at the end of the day, it will backfire on us. We will become broke and back to square one.

So what’s your new plan Fishman?

This is what we are going to do. First things first. And the first on the list is to get the president on our side. Since the president is a fan of agriculture, lets give him gifts. We won’t steal them but buy them. President Kossi has decided to give us fertilisers in exchange for Development. Now this is what we will tell him. Delta right now is trying to stabilise and get its quest done. So for that reason we cannot start any development plan in Togo as at now, but for the release of fifty tons of fertilisers, we will give you a solid deal to supply fertilisers to Benue and Abuja for the next one year without paying us any interest. Now, when we gift the president his fertilisers along with fifty cows, we will ask him to approve the fertiliser deal in Abuja and Benue for us which we will give the Togolese.

So Fishman, it means we are not paying for the fertiliser gift but we are paying for the cows? I do not want to pay for anything! I told you I am fighting for what is mine! So I am not going to pay for a thing when I should get it free. All we have to do is deceive Kossi and get the cattle money from him too.

No we won’t. I won’t partake in that. You are buying the cattle but we will get the money back.

How will we?

That’s my next move. As soon as president Mallam Bashiru Dangoki accepts us as his new allies after finding out how Governor Shola Akintunde wanted him killed, we will get the fifty cows back from him by doing just one thing.

Which is? Please speak up Fishman I’m not in the mood for tales.

Which is milk business. He smiled.

Milk business? Are you crazy? Do you think I have time for business! And milk business of all!

Not necessarily a real milk business. Just after some time, tell your president that you think milk business will prosper in Benue state since they have vast land and the fertilisers are making their soil glow for good grass to blossom. Tell him you have lots of cattle there now and if he could donate some to you, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure he will donate more than fifty cows to you since Benue is Northern. Then you sell the idea to Benue state governor and encourage him to go into lots of animal farming to be on the side of the president so you all can gain collectively in the long run. He will buy the cows the president will give you and start the milk business. Whatever Benue state owns, you own too since you both have marriage contracts on hand. Good plan?

Good plan. Keep on planning like this, and Delta will be Lagos in a million years.

Why are you being proud and sarcastic at the same time? Don’t you know it’s bad for your health?

Really Fishman? Because I feel like vomiting now. He laughed as he tapped his fingers one after the other. Fishman Fishman, just watch and see what I do to your president.


didn’t bother talking to Krunchgrizzly anymore throughout our flight because it was just a waste of time. This so called god thinks he knows it all and won’t listen to anyone until he fails. Thoughts of my wife bothered me and I just couldn’t help but feel sick. My dear wife and kids were in this mess because of me and there was nothing I could do but sit and dine and plan with this evil men who had brought this upon us.

I was so deep in thoughts that I didn’t pay attention to anything around me until I was told we were about to land.

Hurry up Fishman, we have some work to do before the meeting.

Work? What work?

We need to make you up.

And why? I’m I also a model too?

Not really, but we need you to appear beaten, hungry and in pain. Or would you prefer if it were real instead of the make-up appearance?

Are you kidding me now? god can you explain to me now what’s happening here? Why would you want to make me look beaten?

You will be meeting your family after many years. It would be great to add some sympathy to it. He smiled mischievously.

And when you mean my family you meant the president of Togo and his mother right?

I meant your brother and mother. Don’t forget that. It’s family reunion.

What game are you trying to play here? I asked looking puzzled as we got off the jet and hurried behind a few body guards to God knows where.

It’s called the sympathy card. You may not know how to play it but don’t worry, you are a fast learner. Just see the way you planned a milk business for me within minutes! I never saw myself being so industrious.

Come off it now Krunchgrizzly. Tell me what the plan is?

The plan? You are the plan man! Come here Batman. He called out to one of the body guards.

Yes god. He runs forward.

Please take Mr Fishman to the other room and make his face look sympathetic.

Wait wait what do you mean by that Krunchgrizzly? I startled.

Relax Fishman, relax. If you get too anxious this way then our plans will be ruined. Haven’t I told you that you will be made up? So go ahead and be a lady for once in your life.

With that he smiled and walked the opposite direction. Then he muttered something like; see you in the other room.

Apart from the other room I know, which one again? I asked Batman.

A lot sir. Anywhere that things happen is known as the other room. Stay still! He commanded.

What? I asked wide-eyed.

Without any further warning , there was a hit from behind me that sent me falling and unconscious.

The job is done god. Batman spoke through the phone.

Do not call me again until its complete.

Ok god. Hands up.

This man gat a lot of weight! He exclaimed as he tried holding him up. Damn let’s go to the other room Domingo and get a fresh cut.

The road to the other room was cramped and dark. It was a narrow hallway that diverted from the major walk way and looked as if it was a close, but a secret door was soon opened by Batman as he dragged Domingo halfway his shoulders through the secret door.

Immediately the door was opened, he was welcomed by a bright light within and a dusty big table in the center of the room. Apart from that table and cobwebs, the only things present were two souls; Domingo and Batman.

Here you go Domingo. He staggered as he landed him on the dusty table. He brought out an injection from his pocket and injected him. There was a slight groan from Domingo but that was all. The injection would have him deeply for two hour and would feel no pain.

Batman brought out from his pocket again another object. But this one was meant to inflict pain through bruises. And slowly but steadily he cut off Domingo’s good looking shirt and gave his some deep cuts on his back, neck and chest. Then he allowed the blood flow soaking his shirt and leaving him looking like he had been left to die. After ten minutes, he buttoned him up and made a call to Krunchgrizzly.

Completed god. Was all he said and Krunchgrizzly hung up without a word. Batman knew what to do next, he knew he had to wait for the next action.


Krunchgrizzly on the other end was busy in a meeting with Nigeria’s president Mallam Bashiru Dangoki and Togo’s president Aaron Kossi with his beloved mother.

Look we need to be strategic with our plans. All I want is freedom and wealth for my people.

President Kossi, you talk as if your people are caged. Are you not an independent country?

By the books we are. But in reality we are not. Where are the majority of my people? Either cooks, house helps, labourers and wanderers in Nigeria. I need a name, an identity for my people and not just some dump independence with no say on political matters. I no longer want Nigeria telling us what to do!

Yes I support my son. We are tired. Madam Kossi lamented.

Was that why you killed your husband? Mallam Dangoki asked her.

How long will you continue to use that as a threat to keep us tamed? Aaron spoke on behalf of his mother.

Threat? If I was threatening you, I’m sure you will know. I don’t use threats, I myself I am a threat. Look woman, the only reason we invited you along with your son is to make him do as we say before I execute.

Mallam Dangoki please, we do not need to rush them or debate with words with them. We have them on our palms but we are gentlemen and don’t like using our powers first before dialogue. So President Aaron Dangoki, I ask you again; will you support us in our quest? To make Delta powerful again? Nigeria as a whole gained power and see where that led you but if power goes back to its original source and is controlled from there, I can promise you of your freedom and prosperity.

Krunchgrizzly I don’t think you brought us here to ask for our help but to demand it. So why not just go ahead with your plans.

Don’t be smarter than yourself Aaron! Krunchgrizzly flared. We know you have no choice than to support us but we need you to take an oath of silence and loyalty.

I killed my husband not because he was a bad man but to save my son’s legacy. Madam Kossi spoke up.

And which of your sons are you referring to? Mallam Dangoki asked.

And do you mean by that president! Aaron shouted.

Common keep quiet young man. Krunchgrizzly replied. I’m sure you don’t even know why your father was murdered by your mother. She did it to save her other son, whom your late father swore to kill when your mother’s dirty past was about to be exposed or should I say relived.

What are they saying mother? Aaron looked at his mother critically.

Common Aaron I will tell you , for friendship sake. Krunchgrizzly pleaded. Your mother a long time ago had a son when she was in her prostitute business for one of the hoodlums who worked for your father. She had that child and dumped him with his father, then went ahead to be in a relationship with your father. The two got married but later on your father found out his lovely third wife was a mistress of his hoodlum. He had him killed but didn’t know she had a son with him. When he later found out, he threatened to kill him but your mother killed your father instead to save the son of her ex lover.

What kind of nonsense story is this? Look if you called me here to mess with my head and ruin the relationship I and my mother have, then you must be a joker. Krunchgrizzly, I have decided to support your plan and keep my lips sealed. Just don’t mess with my mother okay. We murdered my father because he wanted to place his other stupid son in power instead of me. My father was in the senate and the president at that time was his boy whom he gave power. But instead of him to give that power to me when it was time, he wanted to give his stupid son who raped my mother! And dad did nothing about it because its his precious son.

Splendid! Your mother is such a lying witch! Was that what she told you? President Dangoki asked.

That is enough! Aaron stood up in rage. I won’t have you insult my mother.

Really! Krunchgrizzly laughed. Watch her kill someone again for his sake. This time around, it will be you.

My mother was raped and you...

Shut up! You mother was never raped! You fool.

Why are you doing this. Madam Kossi asked in tears. Why did you call me here to make my son hate me.

No. I will show you which of your sons hate you. Python! He called out.

Yes god. At your service.

Bring in Batman and the bag.

Ok god. He runs off like a fly with muscles.

They all sat down quietly, each one deep in his thoughts and plans. Aaron was wondering what this meeting was actually about, he was sure now that there was more to it than what this men were saying. It was becoming obvious that they didn’t just want to buy his silence but to earn it.

Madam Kossi was wondering what bag they were talking about. Did they finally find that missing bag her late husband buried before she killed him. He had told her of a bag of diamonds he earned working with Liberian government and wanted to use it for his other son’s campaign and political ambition. He wanted not just to buy Togo but Nigeria as well. She killed him without knowing where the bag is but rumour has it that it was buried somewhere in .....

The door suddenly opened and Batman walked in with unconscious Domingo bleeding and looking half dead.

Who the hell is this! Aaron asked confused and looking rather too scared.

Why don’t you ask your mother. Krunchgrizzly replied.

What have you done to my son... what have you done you fools! Do you think you are going to go anywhere by hurting the son of a Don?

Your son? Mom he is your son? How? When? Why? What are you even saying?

Drop Domingo on the floor Batman and please leave us.

Okay god. He dropped him and walked out.

Look I am the president of Nigeria and I have bigger meetings to attend to than sitting with little Togolese and making them see reasons to be obedient. Look that is your son and we just rescued him from the gorillas. I’m sure you know who they are? Your ex lovers opposing gang stars and if you don’t do as we say to you now, we will bundle him and his wife and children over to them and your late husband’s men.

And we both know when they find out you killed your husband, you will be dead meat. Krunchgrizzly smiled wickedly. Take these documents and sign on the three pages. And it clearly buys your silence saying you are the one totally responsible for financing this project.

Where do you want me to get this kind of money from?

And who says you can? We are the money bags! You are just sponsoring it in papers and will be held responsible for treason if this leaks out. And you better make sure you tell Domingo Fishman that when he wakes up in five minutes. Lets go mallam Bashiru Dangoki.

Yes please. Excuse us and say me hi to your son because we really haven’t met in person.

As Dangoki walks out of the room with Krunchgrizzly, Aaron couldn’t help but stare at his beloved mother with disgust and total amazement. Immediately the door was shut behind them, he screamed.

Mother! Start taking now before I kill you with my bare hands.

Will you keep quiet! Son will you keep quiet! Not here and not now. Don’t you think they are watching us or listening through some device?

I don’t care anymore! Tell me who this old fool lying here is.

This old fool is your older brother! And you better start caring because you have a lot more to lose than me. I’m old already and I am not the president of Togo.

Really? You going to blackmail me too? Is this how it’s going to be now? Blackmail here and there and deceit.

Look we better leave this place now before this man wakes up. You don’t want him to see you.

I hope he doesn’t wake up. I hope he is dead! So you have a son and you both have been in touch and you never told me?

We have never been in touch. I only kept tabs on him to make sure he is far away from you. Honey this man can destroy your career and everything you have worked for.

If he can than why didn’t you let dad kill him!

Because it will bring about a war! Your father was already a walking dead. His men had betrayed him and they were going to kill him and my son. So I negotiated for your father’s death instead to keep peace.

What you are saying right now is not making any sense! He shouted.

Look my son, there is more that meets the eye. Do not take this man lying on this floor for granted. Why do you think Nigerians are using him? Why do you think he is here and not dead? I don’t think they saved him from the gorillas because I’m certain the gorillas never had him. I know where my son has been all these years and he was safe. Sign those documents and let’s leave before Domingo wakes up and sees us. Please my son.

I will one on condition. You have to tell me the truth now. Did my step brother rape you or not?

You were stupid before to think he could. But I’m touched for your love for me and my pride as a woman. But next time, kill the person I accused and not just watch me kill the one who condoned. Now sign lets leave.

I will sign but I can assure you that I will revenge my father’s death when this is over. Takes few breaths and glances through the documents and signs on each. We are done here, after you.

Madam Kossi bends to give Domingo a kiss as he laid on the floor half dead and whispers in his ears: I love you son 43256. Always remember 43256. And with that she walks out with Aaron and he shuts the door behind them.

43256... 43256.... Domingo muttered on the floor. What the hell is 43256.... groans again. What the hell is 43256 that crazy witch. Krunchgrizzly is a devil! Was this what he meant by me getting made up? This man almost killed me gosh, I’m in soo much pain.


Domingo Fishman, Krunchgrizzly announced his presence as he walked in. Do you like your make-up? He laughed.

You cruel man! He groans. Why did you do this?

Common be a man dude. This is just the beginning. Do you know how many cuts I have?

You kidnapped me and took my family hostage and I don’t even know what else you have done. And you are telling me about some cuts on your body? You are an animal, I’m not. I want to go home now. Please just let me go.

Domingo Domingo, do we always have to do this? Argue every time about going home like some crying adolescent? Be a man dude. Common let me help you, give me your hand.

Please just let me go to my family, please I’m begging you Krunchgrizzly.

Let me ease your pain. Hold on I have some pain killers here okay. I will just inject you and in few seconds your pains will vanish, so just stay still while I inject. Stay still, yea that’s my boy. He complimented as he injected him. But main while, what did your mother whisper into your ears.

My mother? Acting dump.

Yea. We saw her through the camera and she bent to kiss you but it appears she whispered something into your ears. What did she say.

Was my mother here? Where is she? I just woke up and it was only me here. What did you do to me and why do you say my mother was here? How is that possible?

Krunchgrizzly stared at Domingo Fishman and it didn’t take him a second to know he was lying and withholding valuable information from him. And how he could get it out of his mind, was already staged out in his mind.

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