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A Long Ride. Chapter One.

I am the author of Twenty Ways I Thought I Died 1& 2, Paradise Street, Paint My Heart, and Pathetic Couple.



Domingo Fishman a simple business man partnered with a small outsourced firm who ran offers for government jobs, was caught in a web of troubles after he mistakenly left out a candidate’s name for a job interview.

His life was been hunted for afterwards, making him run for his life, hiding in bushes, eating straws, and bathing in the mud just to gain life and see his beloved family again.

It was a long journey, but he survived it through thin and thick. How did his run begin?

It began when a young man walked into his office and accused his wife of having an affair with him. The man had identified himself as krunchgrizzly Auwenagha. What kind of name is that? Are you a Russian soldier? He had asked.

The accusation led to a big struggle and he thought, he accidentally killed him.

He waited till everyone had left the office, then late in the night, he hid the body in his car and drove to where he could dispose it.

All of a sudden, the dead body in his boot began making a heavy noise, he parked and got out to see what it was, only for him to be thrown into the boot by the man he thought he killed.

Domingo Fishman was kidnapped for a year and a half, and finally made his way home to find his wife already married with child, and the three children he had with her sent to a refugee camp. His life was a lie, a long ride of lies. But as a man, he rode it till he found truth.

The woman he thought was his wife, or rather they paraded as his wife with child, wasn’t. And he had to fight the government to get his family back.

This novel is dedicated to all the successful men out there, who helps women climb the ladder.

This book is also dedicated to Hadley Chase. The king of Trillers.


Domingo don’t tell me you will be having black coffee this morning? Ahmed teased. Is the hangover that bad? Or did Ruth keep you awake. Besides I thought you said she was travelling?

I really don’t know why you feel I have to give you reasons for every action I take Ahmed. Why? You thinking of getting married, or are you just an obsessed fan? He teased back.

Seriously Domingo, we have lots of work today, so if drinking black coffee this early, keeps you alert and busy; then I would order a whole jar from the coffee shop.

So who do we have today for interviews? This whole HR thing with the outsourced company is getting too complicated. We get the client’s and they do the choosing.

What about the guy from the mainland, the one from Ijegun. Hope you informed him that he was shortlisted for an interview today?

What guy from Ijegun? Please pour me some more coffee, my back hurts. I don’t know where Ruth seems to be getting this romance lessons from. I’m too old for those stuff.

Too old; I agree. I am having a meeting with Lester’s agency by 11am today, so please lets be done here so you can follow up when am done.

I got everything covered Ahmed. We have just five candidates for today. Jerry, Nelson, Fred and...

What? what? Common man! We have just one candidate for today! Didn’t you read your email last night? The order came from above man. I cancelled all those candidates and left just one. I hear they want no rivals. He is the only one for the job and it has to appear so.

Common man! Why didn’t you just call me? Why would you do those things teenagers do? Sending me emails!

Can you just sound official for once Domingo! Please man!

Well this is my office and you work for me. I have given my word to those five people today that they will be having an interview! And besides, Ruth’s cousin is among. Remember Jessica from Ikorodu? She just got through with her OND. And she also referred some of her friends to me. I don’t want to make I and Ruth look bad. I had already given her family my word that she would get the job. They need this job badly, her father just died.

So what are you saying now Domingo?

I am saying that we can fix the new candidate you mentioned for another interview okay. Just tell them it was a mistake he wasn’t called up.

Okay if you say soo.

But where is Linda? Isn’t she resuming work today?

Have you forgotten she is on leave?

Leave? In this tiny office? Is there room for leave here? I mean we are just three working here?

Common man, we run an outsourced company. However little, we should start taking care of our staff before they sue us.

Whatever! Just make sure you nail our proposal in the meeting you going for. We cannot afford to stay small forever.

No problem bro. So how much do we have for our monthly expenses? I need to communicate that to our investors.

I don’t know. I need to call Ruth. She handles those stuff for me. Just hold on let me place a call through.


Hello is anybody here! Good morning please.

Hello beautiful good morning, and you must be one of our candidates.

Good morning sir, yes I am. Am I too early?

No dear you not. Better earlier than late.

Where is uncle Domingo?

He just went into his office. And you are?

His wife is my cousin. My name is Jessica.

Oh yes Jessica! From the way you addresses Domingo I thought as much.

I can see you are already expecting me.

Yes we are expecting all of you. Hope you came prepared dear, because today will not be easy. Your uncle is going ahead of himself to offer you a job that’s meant for someone. He is disobeying orders from above to please you.

Wow really?

Yes dear. And it could cost him a lot. Sadly.

Oh no, I don’t want him to get into any kind of mess because of me.

Well don’t tell him I told you.

Okay. Where is he?

In his office. Just walk down pass the toilet, its the door after it.

Here I am dear, how are you? Domingo echoed his presence with a frown. What has Ahmed been telling you?

Oh uncle Domingo I just asked of you and was about coming to your office. Good morning, how are you sir?

Doing great dear. You?

Very nervous sir.

Nothing to be nervous about okay. I will just have a brief interview with you, then we will connect via zoom and meet with other superiors at he government office. Afterwards they will book a special appointment with the best and send them over okay.

Oh uncle thanks soo much! I will do my best I assure you. And what about my friend? You said she should come for an interview today too for sales and marketing specialist at Zulu enterprise?

Yes yes. No worries dear, everything is in place.

I just spoke to her and she said she is on her way.

Sorry to disturb you Domingo but have you confirmed that details with Ruth yet?

I called her cell phone four times but she didn’t pick. And I even called the land line, no response either.

That’s strange. Hope she is good?

I hope so. I will just try again.

Don’t worry Domingo, its okay. I can manage. I will just run around the last figure, you know; add some few extras.

I know I can always count on you partner!

Thanks. And wish me well, bye for now.

Yea call me if you need my help okay.

Yeah! Same here. Runs along with his jacket in one hand and file in another. His hair looked like he had never shaved it before but his beards were well shaved. He really did look like a modern professor.


So Ruth, let me start with you before the others come okay.


Oh sorry dear. Jessica please.

Alright sir. May I?

Yes please seat. Need a drink?

No thanks sir.

So tell me about yourself. Why you need this job and what your expectations are.

Well sir, where should I start from?

Start from somewhere and make it brief.

While Jessica was at it, all Domingo could think of was his dear wife. Why was she not picking her calls? She woke up earlier than him despite the long romance they had last night. So its not as if she was asleep. Or did she go back to sleep? No it can’t be. She was in the bathroom bathing when he left. It seems as if she was going out but didn’t see it relevant to ask because he knew she had no where to go.

Domingo Fishman loved his wife to a fault! He never saw anything wrong in what she did, wore, said or reacted to. To him, his wife was perfect in looks and character. They got married five years ago and had two little boys who took six months from each other. After the second son Timothy was born, Ruth made sure she did family planning. Jude, Timothy and Ruth were Domingo’s biggest insurance. Getting married at the age of fourth five to a twenty five year old lady was a big achievement for him. Not as if he was rich then or rich now, and neither was he good looking. The only advantage he had, is that he is 6 feet tall. And that was one thing women loved. Especially younger women. After graduating from the university of Aclove with a BA in Business Administrations, he decided to work for himself. He paraded himself as a business developer for years, until it struck him that he could actually make a living from giving people jobs that he didn’t have.

So three years ago, he started this company with his partner Ahmed and they have just a staff; Linda, who sees their potentials more than anyone else.

Uncle did I answer the questions correctly? Ruth asked, bringing him out of his thoughts.

Of course dear. Now let’s call the government office to see if they are ready for our interview.

It was also a usual scene at the office to see lots of candidates walk in for job interviews and others as job seekers. Those who came afterwards were usually friends of Domingo and Ahmed, while the rest could be cooperate business men or fraudsters looking for business ideas and since Domingo Fishman is a good business developer, they were always pleased with his ethics.

The rest of the candidates arrived immediately Jessica was done with hers. And Domingo had to handle them all alone since Linda and Ahmed were not around. He got soo busy that he forgot to redial his wife's number and he soon forgot that he was worried about her.

As soon as he was done with all the candidates, Jessica was asked to come over to NRDA National Railway Development Agency in two days time for the final interview. She was soo excited because Domingo had really pressed buttons for her and had assured her that this job, was hers.

Before Domingo knew what was happening, it was 4pm and he needed to have lunch. As he was about to eat, a young man entered his office looking very angry.

I am not expecting anymore candidates today. If you are a job seeker, please fill the form and I will go through it later and call you. But if you are here for a businesses plan, you will have to give me thirty minutes. Although you look more of the first. He smiled.

I was supposed to be here for a job interview today, why didn’t you call me? He asked with so much authority that made Domingo angry.

Look am sorry for you disappointments but we have concluded with all of those that had interviews today and they have all left. Its just I alone left here now and am really hungry okay. I can’t start going into long talks with you. Fill the form as I said and I will call you tomorrow. Oh that reminds me, I need to call my wife, she has not been picking my calls. He said out loud as he headed for his office.

She was fine when I left her. He muttered through his big lips. His lips were soo big that you would wonder if he was in pains while moving them.

Excuse me? And who the hell are you!

Krunchgrizzly Auwenagha. That’s my name.

What kind of name is that? Are you a Russian soldier?

I just made love to your wife . That’s why she didn’t pick up when you called several times.

You must be mad! Now get out of my office you psychopath!

What? He laughed like a gorilla. You don’t want me to tell you her G spot?

Who the hell is this sick bastard. I said get out of my office now!

Do you know what she said to me! She said Domingo is such a puppy. I asked him to lay back while I ride and he was just complaining of back pains all morning.

At this point, Domingo was so stunned what he could not move. He knew that Incident had happened and his mind was racing, he just couldn’t speak. His eyes then caught sight of a stapler on Linda’s desk, which was close to where he stood. With all his might he grabbed it and threw it at Krunchgrizzly with the perfect aim, that it hit his forehead hard. Just as David had nailed Goliath.

How dare you! Krunchgrizzly spat out. Like the wind he reached for Domingo so swiftly and a fist contest began.

How dare you touch my wife you bastard! Who the hell are you! With that he threw him a punch that made his fat lips bleed.

If you had called me up for the interview like you were told to do, there won’t have been a need to have sex with a woman as needy as your wife.

And those last words, was all Domingo needed to knock out Krunchgrizzly to death.

Oh my God, oh my God, what have I done. He stared at his bloody hands which was already so shaky. Sweat was pouring down his face and his cloths were stained with blood. Is he dead? Oh no. What have I done! Should I call Ruth and ask if she knows this man? No no I think its too late for that now. I need to dispose the body first so I can think clearly. But I can’t go out now, other offices in the complex are still busy. First things first, I need to call Ahmed to go home from there. I will tell him an emergency came up at home and I needed to rush home so I locked up and took the key. He reached for his desk phone.

Okay Ahmed will see you tomorrow okay. He said in a hurry to end the call.

But I hope Ruth and the kids are okay?

Yes Ahmed they are fine. I think it has to do with Ruth’s parents. Just go home from there, and we will discuss about everything tomorrow.

As soon as he ended the call, he locked the entrance door, then dragged the body into his tiny demarcated office which was private. He wrapped the body neatly with nylons used to dispose dirt, washed off the blood stains on the floor, washed his shirt and placed it on the chair to dry and directed the fan to it. Then he sat down and waited patiently until everyone in the office environment had closed and gone home.

Domingo had just turned fifty some months ago, and he knew he was getting old as his back still hurt for the love making he and his wife had. He could not still believe she had cheated on him. He was in denial. Something was not right but something soo wrong had just happened. He had accidentally killed a man who claimed he had slept with his wife earlier today and he needed to bury him.

As he dragged the body outside to his car, his back ached more. He managed to put him into his boot and slammed it soo hard that he almost cut off one of his fingers. He couldn’t believe he had just killed someone but all he could think of was disposing the body first.

As he got in to drive, he wondered what will be of his life and marriage afterwards. How will he face Ruth and what will he tell her? He could not even think of work. What will Ahmed say? Should he tell him? No way he concluded. But who is this dead man in my boot! He exclaimed. He said he was supposed to be called today for an interview and because he wasn’t called he had to spend the time with my wife. Does Ahmed know about this? Could it be the same candidate Ahmed talked about? The one he was asked to cancel everyone’s interview for? Who is this Krunchgrizzly and what does he want!

As he was deep in his thoughts something made a loud sound in his car. He immediately halted and listened. The sound came again and he could discern it was from his boot.

What the hell is that? He said as he got out of his car to check his boot because he was very certain that the person in his boot was dead. As soon as he opened it; there was a heavy punch to his face and he blacked out.

© 2021 Jade George Anibor

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