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A Letter Informs, Corrects What Has Been Made Wrong

How to reply a letter

Below is an actual sample of the letter dated July 31, 2012 that I sent off to the head office of SSS (Social Security System) Philippines. This is a reply I wrote in behalf of my daughter. The purpose of this letter is to inform SSS office regarding the error made on the contact address which was written on the UMID Card that my daughter received on July 31, 2012.

Hon. Emilio S. De Quiros Jr. President and CEO Social Security System East Avenue,Diliman,Quezon City

Dear Hon. De Quiros,

Hope everything is fine and fantastic.

This is to inform you that I am happy indeed to receive my UMID card last July 31, 2012 after at least the seven months from waiting. However, I found some errors particularly about my contact address (please see the attached UMID card). I still remember, that time I applied for UMID card at SSS Branch EPZA, Rosario, Cavite - the information I fed on the application under the address section was true and correct as (Gitnang Silangan St., Brgy Capipisa, Tanza, Cavite 4108 Philippines) but when I received the UMID card on July 31, 2012 - I found out that there was error on the address written on the card. Instead of writing ("Tanza" which is my hometown) it was replaced to "NAVOTAS CITY". There's no Navotas City in Cavite.

Yes. I received the card but I am doubtful - the address written on the card might be questioned if I started to transact using this UMID card to the following government offices: SSS, GSIS, Pag-Ibig Fund and PHIC. I understand that this was not your fault - but you have men who worked for this card.

In your letter dated June 28, 2012, you mentioned "In case of loss or change in information in the UMID card you can request for a replacement for a minimal fee at any SSS Branch Office". Why I should pay an additional fees when the error was made by your own people?

In this regard, I am very hopeful for your utmost advice and suggestions. Kindly, Sir.

Sincerely yours,

Maricar Bacolod Pruel CRN: 0111-0423254-0 Gitnang Silangan St. Brgy Capipisa, Tanza Cavite 4108 Philippines

SSS letter dated on June 28, 2012

Below is the copy of the letter from SSS office dated June 28, 2012 together with the UMID Card for my daughter.

Republic of the Philippines Social Security System East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City Tel. Nos. (632) 920-6401 (632) 920-6446 Email: Website:

Maricar Bacolod Pruel Gitnang Silangan St, BRGY Capipisa (Navotas City) Cavite 4108 CRN: 011104232540 PHL 01-20111209-P-153-3593-C-3429

Dear Mr./Ms/ Pruel,

We are pleased to present your Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) Card. This card contains your common reference number which will provide you a convenient and faster way of getting your benefits and privileges with the Social Security System (SSS).

Your UMID Card has a micro chip that securely stores your personal information and pertinent SSS data. If you are an SSS pensioner, the annual confirmation of your continued entitlement to pension will be made easier through your UMID Card using our fingerprint matching facility at our offices. Likewise, your other transactions with SSS such as application for benefits and loans will be made easier and faster using the UMID Card.

We are also pleased to inform you that your UMID Card can also be used to transact with other government agencies such as the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Pag-Ibig Fund and the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC).

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In case of loss or change in information in the UMID Card, you can request for a replacement for a minimal fee at any SSS Branch Office.

In case of defective UMID Card, kindly surrender your card to the nearest SSS Branch Office. Replacement of defective card is free of charge.

Your UMID Card is your passport to more convenient services with various government agencies. Please take good care of it. Do not laminate or alter anything on it. Do not allow others to use it. It is non-transferable. Any unauthorized use of the card may be sanctioned under the law.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to serving you again.

Truly yours,

Signed Emilio S. De Quiros Jr. President and CEO

Letters usually tell, inform, suggest and even discuss some issues about things that are important to the person or the recipient of the letter. Letters can be written as formal or informal. Letters help correct and explain what has been made wrong as well.


Paul Odien Pruel (author) from Philippines and Saudi Arabia on February 14, 2015:

@yayi - see the nearest SSS branch office with your UMID card and apply for changes.

yayi on October 01, 2014:

Hi, I know this post is old but I am actually in the same situation as your daughter. My name was misspelled in my UMID which I just received yesterday. I was wondering if you can share what you needed to do have this issue resolved. Would appreciate any feedback. thank you!

Paul Odien Pruel (author) from Philippines and Saudi Arabia on December 11, 2012:

Yeah the issue was resolved MsDora. Thanks.

Paul Odien Pruel (author) from Philippines and Saudi Arabia on December 11, 2012:

Right Hola. Thanks for your time. Appreciated.

Hola on August 21, 2012:

I think your case falls under defective card.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on August 11, 2012:

Thanks for sharing. Glad you got your issues resolved successfully.

Paul Odien Pruel (author) from Philippines and Saudi Arabia on August 03, 2012:

Thank you thesingernurse for your time and for sharing your thought. Much appreciated. Right I also hope the same. Welcome. See you around again.

Tina Siuagan from Rizal, Philippines on August 03, 2012:

Sending them a response is a wise thing to do, Sir. It's hard to transact if information contained in the card are void or inaccurate. Given the duration from which the card was issued, it's kind of frustrating to learn that discrepancies such as that are still made throughout the process. And yes you are right - Navotas City is not in any way associated to Cavite, which can make anyone think that such information could have been exchange from someone else's.

I hope your daughter's card would get fix asap, so she can enjoy all benefits entitled to SSS members. More power!

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