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A Game Inspired Poetry: My Oasis ~ Relaxing, Calming, Anxiety Relief Game.

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

Definition of Self Care Oasis

-A self-care oasis is a place of refuge, respite, and renewal - a place to seek a moment of peace and quiet from a loud and stressful day; a moment of "me" time, away from the demands of work, family and social commitments- rue sante Aug. 23, 2020.

A Poetry Inspired from “My Oasis: Calming, Relaxing & Anxiety Relief” Game.

Written by: Gianella Labrador

Written: March 16, 2022 12 am Manila Time.

My Oasis.

Here you’ll find animals.

Be accustomed with nature.

A game where you can totally relax.

After a tiring day,

Why not seat and play?

It’s calming and soothing.

The background songs,

Are just beautiful.

It doesn’t distract you.

It actually helps you relax even more.

There are nature sounds too.

Like, rain showers, wind chimes, snowfall, etc.

Isn’t it just nice to be one with nature and the animals?

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These aren’t just animals here.

They give you affirmations.

They give you trivias, and famous quotes.

They give words of motivation and inspiration.

In this game, they are your friends and family.

Even the plants and trees speaks to you.

Reminding you of your self worth.

Reminding you of the things that,


Life is really just like that.

You have to go through it.

Remember, even the strongest storm surge has its end.

It’s pretty relaxing.

Whenever I’m so stressed out,

Just playing this, somehow makes me forget all the worries.

It also teaches you mind and memory coordination.

The musical notes,

When it appears, you have to tap it.

Then guess the melody it plays.

Tap the three musical notes in order,

From how it was played.

Just like that,

We learn various melodies.

Been planning to learn piano?

This might be a stepping stone!

I love this game a lot.

It’s ads free unless the game requires to watch one.

It won’t let you watch from time to time,

To the point that it’s already frustrating.

This game simulates a time for yourself.

Time to meditate, time to relax,

Get into the zone of just focusing on calming down.

Breathing in breathing out.

In just a few minutes,

You’ll find yourself completely relaxed.

Forget what’s bothering you,

And just digest what the animals and the nature tells you.

This is great for people who fidgets a lot too.

Fidgetting is uncontrollable.

Especially when you are in the state of panic attack.

But, in here you can fidget as much as you want.

Since this is a tapping game.

It requires you to keep tapping, to get hearts.

These hearts are your money.

You’ll use these to upgrade skills and values.

Values are used in the affirmations the animals will tell you.

Or how will they interact or speak with you.

Just keep tapping, and eventually your oasis will grow.

An oasis will begin with it being so bare,

To gradually becoming an island, garden,

Until it becomes so close to a paradise.

It’s so beautiful once it reached the max level!

Just like creating a world of your own!

Just like life.

Everything starts from little things.

Small steps.


From it being so bare.

Till we see it grows.

Till we see it evolve.

Till we see it improve and develop.

When all hardwork pays off,

We see the beauty of it.

Tears of joy even,



In time,

You’ll enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Just hold on and keep going.

In this cruel world,

Let’s not forget,

That we are not alone.

Listen to everyone and everything that’s around.

Re-connect with nature, and even be kind to the animals you see.

Not all animals are harmful, just have to tame them a bit.

Lastly but not the least,


We just have to find the right harmony and melody of life.

Be in sync and tune up what’s needed to be tuned.

Everything will soon be alright.


You’ll also blossom into something beautiful.

Stay grounded and blessed!


Note: I'm not a licensed medical professional, and this game itself shouldn't be substituted to or subjected to any therapeutic claims. Still seek a medical professional if your anxiety attacks persists of if you need urgent professional help regarding your mental health.

PS: Play Responsibly! Don't get addicted and always prioritize your health first!


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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