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A Funny Thing, Love and Pain


Life is a funny thing, seems we were dropped here and told to sing...told to work, told to die...Meanwhile, I have let my well run dry.

Love is such a funny thing, they ask your hand...buy you a ring, all while never interested in you...You only serve some narcissistic fool.

This world is different, yet people never change...they only become cruel and you become a game.

Have you learned to love yourself yet? Have you realized life has been reset?

Can you rise above the pain and loss...to reclaim the person that you forgot?

Life is gray, not black nor white. It's the mind full of worries and those sleepless nights.

He never loved you, but he needed you...because you are powerful, and he's confused.

He draws life off of your energy and grounds you by ripping off your wings...He says he can offer you a better life, but first you have to sing.

© 2021 Bri S

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