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What A Destiny!!!

When my destiny wants to stop my work, it crosses all the limits, always


What A Destiny!!!

Wanted to go to print something on a piece of paper,
But, going there felt like climbing a sky scraper.

But I showed courage and went on an elevator called the 'cycle',
And went to the shop, who's owner was, probably a man named Micheal.

But reaching there, I stood shocked in despair,
The shop was closed, of which I was not before aware.

But in the darkness there I saw a ray of light,
A number to dial Micheal was seen on the board bright and alight.

And there the number I typed and displayed on my screen,
And his speaking on the phone made my brain scream,
He said "A close one passed away and now is a dream."

Now a normal person would look up and pray for the pity soul,
But what I said was wierd and couldn't keep my laugh in control.

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I said "The obstacles were just problems but this one makes me so guilty,
Wow, what a destiny, to stop my work an obstacle was not enough but a whole casualty!!!

For the story readers

So lemme describe this moment in a story form.

So some days a ago I went to a shop to print something and when I arrived there I saw the shop closed (what a disastrous moment) my efforts of driving the cycle went in vain but, at the very moment I saw the shop owner's number shining bright on the board of the shop, so as a norma human I dialed it and the guy picked up the phone and I asked him "where are you, why's the shop closed" and he said "I can't come for some days as a closed one has passed away" and he ended the call.

So like a normal person would pray for the soul that passed away but I said "oh God, oh my destiny, you can literally even end a person's life to stop my work, this is insane, someone lost their loved one because of me" wow, what an amazing prayer I did, fantastic!!

And that was all that occurred, I don't know if it's that funny.

Destiny can stop your work in any way,

Whether it's filling your path with holes,

Or taking away some souls

— Husamuddin Chittalwala


© 2021 Husamuddin Chittalwala

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