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Another Dream To Come True

Happy to share my spontaneous poetries with the world through the hubpages platform.

You will get there

You will get there

Young was I when

Mom told me, My dear,

Depend not on anyone

Let future be that way.

Young was I when

Dad dreamed for me

A future where I can

Plan my own days.

Days rolled by and by

Ambitious! No, not me.

Their vision kept me going

Independent, I did get

But not actually.

The ones who dreamed for me

Struggled to get through

Signs did they show

It caught me off my guard.

Sent far away to be safe

I am moving on at that place

Where their dreams, it will be

Made a reality for them and me.

And one day we will reside

In this place together.

Now close in heart and mind;

Then closer here for long time.

© 2021 Angel Writes

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