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Dinner for Dogs


Dinner for Dogs

Dinner for Dogs was written by a lady called Henrietta Morrison who wanted to feed her dog, Lily, home made food after Lily had been taken ill after eating commercial dog food. Henrietta got really worried and consulted her brother who was a qualified vet. He told her that many of his patients became ill after eating the wrong sort of food. It turned out that Lily was allergic to some of the ingredients in the food that had been brought for her.

Lilly had been suffering from poor skin and fur quality, she also had rashes and sores on various parts of her body. Henrietta knew these problems were not normal for a dog of Lilly`s age, especially as Lilly was still only one year old. But the main problem was that Lilly had stopped eating although she was obviously hungry and anticipating her next meal. When it was served to her,she turned her nose up and walked away from it refusing to eat it.

The Chapters

Dinner for Dogs is not a large book, but it does have several different chapters. The first chapter is rather a long one as it is the introduction. This is where we can learn about the sort of food that is best for our dogs, including food groups and calorie control. There are also pages on how to read a pet food label, information on foods that are bad for our dogs, feeding puppies, and there is even a page on what to look for when your dog has a poop.

The Recipes

There are numerous recipes in Dinner For Dogs all have been tried and tested by the author, or rather by Lily the dog .However, some of the recipes do look good enough for a human being to eat. The recipes cover all meals from breakfast to supper, with some healthy tasty treats in between, and are suitable for all breeds, sizes and age of dogs.


Dinner for Dogs also includes recipes for dealing with health issues in dogs such as age, recovery from illness, and the use of herbs in dog food and treats for health reasons.

Using this experience to help others

The author of this book has been very helpful to other pet owners in the same position as she was with Lily. She started to produce the food she made for other pet owners to try for themselves There is a chapter in the book that explains how this venture was started and how it became popular and successful. They started very small and Henrietta and her team built the business up over the years after opening in 2008 .

My first impression of this book

The first thing that caught my eye when I saw this book was the lovely picture of the dog on the cover. This little dog reminded me of a dog that I know and love. I saw straight away that this book had some connection to a well known dog food brand because the name was written on the front of the book. I had seen this branding on edible products for sale in pet shops and maybe even in the pet department of our local garden centre. Until now I had never brought any of these products myself,but now, after buying this book I may buy some as a gift for the dog mentioned above.

My opinion of the book

Although I am not a dog owner myself, many of my friends and family do have dogs and this means that I am often asked to dog sit for them. This dog sitting often involves giving the dogs their meals . The owners of the dogs I look after always provide the dog with their normal food and tell me what time to serve it and how much to dish out with each meal. So this means that I do know a bit about dog food because I can see the different sorts that are provided for each dog.

After reading Dinner for Dogs, I am starting to wonder if the food provided for these dogs is the best for them. So next time I do a bit of dog sitting, I think I will try some of the recipes in the book and see for myself what the dogs think of them ( with the owner`s permission of course)

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Homemade or Brought

Other similar books.

There are other similar books available which cover the subject of homemade pet food. Here are some of them;

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Lady Dazy (author) from UK on June 18, 2021:

I hope they enjoy their home cooked food.

Athena Barroga Perez on June 16, 2021:

Boy, oh boy! Looks like my puppies are going to have a feast very soon! Thank you for bringing this book up.

Priya from Pune on June 15, 2021:

Nice article. Very informative

mactavers on June 14, 2021:

This is the first time I've heard of a cookbook for dogs, but most people including myself cook a few things for their dog.

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