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A Deadly Motorcycle Accident Case Takes a Different Twist in Court

A biker who was found guilty of murder by reckless driving has shocked and angered his victim’s family by demanding compensation for his injuries. Mr. Luke Guttridge hit Mr. Harbans Lal, while over-speeding in December 2010. The victim had been struck by Guttridge’s motorbike as he walked home in Darlaston, Walsall, after drinking beer at a local pub.

It had taken the victim’s devastated family eight painful years to get justice after an unsuccessful police probe, which saw the 28-year-old traffic offender roam free until 2017.

Guttridge, whom, initially, had denied causing death by careless driving, eventually pleaded guilty at the Wolverhampton Crown Court. Consequently, the judge handed him a 90-day prison sentence besides suspending his riding license for 360 days.

In a surprising legal twist, recently filed a personal injury compensation claim, seeking up to £50,000 from the plaintiff’s side.

This has absolutely angered the retired crane driver’s family who cannot seem to understand why this person is even allowed to keep causing further emotional trauma to them.

The seemingly not so remorseful 28-year-old claims the victim was partly to blame by walking on the highway while drunk.

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The motorist said even though it was sad that a life was lost as a result of the accident, but this had ruined his life and therefore he was making a reasonable compensation claim. He believes they should pay, citing the fact that he has never been able to secure a job since the crash because his right arm was paralyzed in the accident.


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Errolle Ouma (author) on March 09, 2019:

@John, indeed both parties were at fault, though without overspeeding, this would not have occurred


John Welford from Barlestone, Leicestershire on March 09, 2019:

One has to wonder how much the biker's excess speed contributed to the severity of his injuries. Had he been going at below the speed limit, as opposed to above it, would he have been able to avoid the man in the road? Even if not, he would presumably not have hit the ground so hard when he came off the bike.

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