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A Daily Reflection: March 1st

Moberlys' unorthodox approach to Biblical Literature is sexy and intelligent. A teacher, father of seven and man of God, Thomas L. Moberly..

Goodness Gracious

Starting Off

I recently had the privilege of staying in a five star jailing system. The Kern County Jail to be more specific. It was okay.. The people that I met were interesting, full of character. They all had a story, full of drama, chaos, anger, sorrow and dread. Most of them were real mean bastards that probably didn't get enough attention from their fathers, or way to much attention in some cases. Some were really intelligent, nowhere near plenty but some, were pretty damn smart people. Nobody had to do anything other than eat, sleep and crap. The smart fellows seemed to be content. We all had everything we needed, except for anything we wanted. Five days after my request for a bible, I got a used one from another inmate whom was releasing. My request slip was never fulfilled but I didn't need it to be once I received his, which had been scribbled in and colored in, with missing pages and just beaten to... a pulp. There was nothing better to do other than sit-ups, I can do 500 sit-ups in a set, a number of times a day.. Anyways, I just started reading. It's not right to refuse a gift given to you anyhow, especially one given with kindness in heart. So I added reading some of the old testament history books everyday to my routine of sit-ups and push-ups.

"Your life shall hang in doubt before you; and you shall fear day and night, and have no assurance of life... In the morning you will say 'If only it were evening' and at evening 'Oh, if only the morning were here' because your hearts will be terrified at what you see... Your souls will reside in anguish... You will be offered to your enemies as male and female slaves, and nobody will even want to buy you..."

Deuteronomy 28: 65-68

I Am An Addict

I love reading these kinds of things from the bible. I get a lot out of stuff like this passage. Mainly it helps me to be eager to want to read more like it, which I do. This only inspires me to read more of course. To the point that I needed to start writing down my thoughts in a daily journal. Now I am sitting here writing to an audience on my laptop, while my beautiful wife sleeps next to me. It has overcome me and I'm am fine with the fact that I like studying scripture. I just obtained my 6th bible version recently and my Strong's Concordance of the KJV with Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries. I can say for certain that there is a lot of wisdom in this book, and I have barely even dipped my toes in the waters to see if their right. Man, I am so excited to continue to build on my knowledge of scripture and allow it to work good in my life. To help me more fully understand all the bad things that we see in the world. I've already gained so much strength from these last few months of my journey. I've begun to overcome doubt in myself, those things that for so long have held me from hidden potential. I have learned to push back against fear, I now have faith and much joy. It's only my beginning , however this is off to an amazing start and I am freaking hooked.

"And I thought.. 'the dead who are already dead are more fortunate than the living,' but better off then both the living and the dead, are those that have never been, those that have not seen, that are not witness to deeds that are done.. under the sun.."

Ecclesiastes 4: 2-3

Awesome And Powerful

When is the last time you, or anybody you know demonstrated a fear of god? The last time you saw somebody tremble because they were terrified of God's wrath? They'd have no where to run or hide, who could possibly stand in their corner and have their back? The devil won't. Don't take my word for it, I implore you, read the stories for yourself.. What would it cost of you to read scripture? To explore the thought above. There are many translations; I guarantee there's a translation of the bible you would read, at least through one of the many books of the bible. You'd definitely be powerless to scripture that you understand too. It will work in you and you will experience change in some way from texts you read that you understand. The word of God is awesome and powerful. We wouldn't expect anyone to devote themselves to things unknown, however 'the study of' is precisely that. Why not the bible? Because it's just a book? Because people everywhere we look hold the book with one hand, while they thieve and sin with the other? The bible will not make anyone a "good person." I have not said that, neither should you or anyone else. If somebody tries to, they are either a fool or they are a liar. The bible is just a book, the conceptions that manifest in our minds as we read scripture though are focused around "good" behavior. As in any written work, it's all about however well an author may be capable of painting the picture before their audience' minds eye. The authors and editors of the collection of works that make up the bible are gruesome writers with sick minds, they are extremely good at depicting their message. So good in fact that there are millions and millions of readers today that believe in the Divine Spirit. Wars have been and always will be fought in the name of religion. The bible and the many sects that glorify the bible.. whether through one version or another, have conquered a massive amount of ground in respect to the population of the world.

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"For He makes His sun rise on the evil.. and on the good. He sends down rain on the just.. and on the unjust. If you love those back who love you,, do you get a reward? If you only return love that is received from outside.. what is it that you have done that is more than any other? Offer hospitality to one anther without grumbling.. each of us should use the gifts that we are given, in the service of others."


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    Moberlys' unorthodox approach to Biblical Literature is sexy and intelligent. A teacher, father of seven and man of God, Thomas L. Moberly...

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