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A Complete Volte Face On the Day of Her Birthday (6)

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For Two Days He Still Thinks it Was A Dream

He couldn't go out for a whole day in his room still thinking maybe this would be reversed.

At the start of the third day when he knows that this is no longer a dream he starts acting.

Got an office at the centre of the town a building befitting his status and other things as commanded by the international community.


News Spread Like Wild Fire

The news of this development soon got to Fehintolu. She was encouraged by her friends to visit him back after all it wasn't long that they parted, he will have mercy on her considerijg the kind of love he has for her. "Once a lover always a lover" they have said to her.

She did as they have said, went back to him asked him to forgive her.

He said he has forgiven her but he can't be her lover again for it was ostentatiously clear that it has been him who deeply, sincerely and genuinely loved her, she never loved him that much.

She tried to convince him but he wouldn't bulge.

"If you asked for other assistances, even if you want to do another birthday party, I can throw the party for you, but you and I going out again, that can never happen" Filale said as a word of finality.

Fehintolu's pain knew no limitations as he wobbly left her one time heart beat, her one time Honey, her one time inestimable Gem.

New Life Begins

There has been a young girl, Helper, who is in her early twenties who have been close to Filale all along. He has been thinking she was too young for him before, but his friend, Yemo, who bought the data for him has been telling him even before then that Helper loves him.

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However, because he has been subsumed in the love of Fehintolu he never saw anything in the Damsel, all he has been seeing is a young girl.

Now that he needs someone and he knows many ladies would want him because of his new status he is afraid of ladies even the more.

Yemo keeps telling him to give Helper a trial because she is also beautiful, diligent, industrious and humble.

Filale initially did not consented but after sometime he started having another view about her and he started seeing that all his friend has been saying about her was correct.

Filale asked her out, Helper was elated to hear this and she puts on her best for the outing.

Her best for the outing could not match what his members of staff put on to the office.

After the outing they keep going out, and her life started changing.

She Regrets

Whenever she sees the new lady Filale is going out with, pain grips her heart and she keeps blaming herself for not cautioning herself for not trusting her partner when he needs her to trust him most.

He Enjoys His Life

He keeps enjoying his life with Helper while Fehintolu keeps blaming herself for her impatience….

(The End)


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