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A Complete Volte Face On the Day of Her Birthday (5)

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The Plea

The Love Filale has for her couldn't be wished away just like that, therefore he still made some spirited efforts in ensuring that he won her heart back. But his plea fell on her deaf ears as she doesn't want to have anything to do with him again. "What's done is done", she says, "no going back".


Accepted His Fate, Message in SPAM Folder

It was painful to Filale but there is nothing he could do, he accepted his fate and started hoping for the best.

A month after the Birthday party, the international community sent him a message that he is one of the successful candidates screened for the Pandemic relief packages.

He couldn't get the message immediately because it was delivered in his SPAM folder and because by then he was passing through financial mess he hardly buys recharge his Data.

One day he was visited by one of his friends, who wants to take him out, to have dinner together. If we are yet alive we shouldn't lose hope his friend says.

While preparing to leave he asked his friend to get him data because it has been long he checked his email last.

His friend says, "that is a small thing". He quickly buy for him Data before they got to the joint.

Filale was overwhelmed with joy because the Data he bought for him can last him a month.

He has been thinking that with this he would be able to apply for online and jobs outside the country because he has been hearing people travelling out of their country recently.

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He Got The Message

When he got home he started checking all his messages but nothing promising there.

He signed out.

The following day after checking his social Media and the inbox something pushed him to check the spam folder and there he saw that he was one of the shortlisted candidates and should contact the address soon for further instructions.

Skeptically he replied the message and the communications started with the representative of the international community.


The Offer

He has been offered a Grant and he is going to be their ambassador in the community.

He thought at the initial that the message couldn't be true because he has received a message that he considered more "truer" than that which eventually went South.

He however kept on playing along with them. He sent to them all they have requested of him to send to them.

Within a month his life changed, because as an ambassador of the international community in his community he is entitled to drivers, security, office and apartment, he will have to employ members of staff who will be running errands for him among other good offers associated with the position.

He still couldn't believe it was going to be true until he received the grant and was asked to look for office where he would be reached.

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