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A Complete Volte Face On the Day of Her Birthday (4)

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His Mantra

He though keeps talking of making contacts for assistance and also trying to take a loan to make her happy. These he kept saying but he never divulged the issue of submitting his name online to the international community for assistance as said.

He couldn't tell her about the submission of name because he was not sure he would be among those who will be shortlisted for the grant by the international community because many people applied.

Not Contented About the Mantra

Fehintolu wasn't happy with this mantra and she has been thinking about finding a solution to the issue after all they are yet to be legally married.

She is turning thirty this year, thirty is a remarkable age in the community which should be well celebrated and marked.

Anything that wouldn't allow her to mark the date in a grandstyle like others have done before should be sidelined.

She is therefore not leaving a stone unturned in seeing that she achieves and actualize her dreams.

She has put in everything she has into her lover's birthday the previous year because she expects him to pay her back this year by ensuring that her birthday is a special one within the community.

She frowns at the idea that he couldn't do anything because of his retrenchment for she keeps saying and asking "has he no savings?"

A worthy man should always have savings, one should save for the raining days or the season of drought like this she soliloquize.

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People she has surrounded herself with as she is preparing for this birthday have not been helping matters for they are also fueling the fire of disappointment in her, counseling her to look for an alternative elsewhere. After all there are many guys who are still interested in her, many still want to die for her and they can do anything to secure her love.

On the D-Day

There is an adage in the community that says that "if a debtor promises to pay the debt in twenty years time, twenty years would soon be tomorrow". It means no matter how long or how far a year is, it will soon be left with twenty four hours.

When Fehintolu discovered that her spouse is not forthcoming with anything she "changed it for him" as she started seeing one of the guys who have been troubling her and whose work is still afloat in the community.

The young man spend and was spent for the birthday. He ensures that Fehintolu had what she wanted for the birthday.

Fehintolu was happy that her new found love has done for her what has been in her heart all this while.

Since he has done that for her she told him that it is only death that can do them part.

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