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A Complete Volte Face On the Day of Her Birthday (3)

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The Promise

After closing the company down in the community, the management promises those people lay off that they shall pay them three months salary.

It was sad that the management could not fulfill their promise as said.

Global Reliefs

When the world leaders have seen what's ravaging the communities of the world they started sending relief packages to the communities of the world.

However, the relief packages sent to the community got to the leaderships of the community and instead of sharing those packages among the citizens they shared it amongst themselves and their families.

However, people were asked to submit their names that they would be reached by the government of the community with time.


Brain Storming

The global leaders were aware of what's happening in the community through the social media and have promised to do something for the people of the community.

The world leaders started brain storming, looking for means of reaching the nooks and crannies of the community with the relief packages.

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To actualize this they have had people to submit their names on line as the successful candidates would be selected and contacted directly through either of their submitted emails and other social media.

In A Dilemma

Since this untoward development, Filale has not been able to fulfill his obligations to his spouse like before.

Fehintolu appears at the initial to understand the situation, but as her birthday was getting closer with no changes she became pretty worried.

They couldn't plan well for the birthday again, because all the plannings revolve around money.

Fehintolu has been asking her spouse to look for means of celebrating the birthday in a grandstyle as they have been planning before.

Filale keeps assuring his spouse that he believes that the company would send the three months salaries promised before her Birthday. If and when that is done, the money would be more than enough to celebrate her, he kept saying.

Although he keeps saying this, but deep within his heart he is not sure if that would be possible. He however keeps hoping against hope.

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