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A Complete Volte Face On the Day of Her Birthday (2)

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Economy of the Community

As the year was about to close, the management of the company Filale was working with has been complaining about the economy of the community. The economy of the community has been on a downward trend since the new government assumes power.

Although to the international community the community presents her economy as being stable, not undergoing any form of recession whatsoever.

The leadership of the community has been able to sustain their lies in the eyes of their citizens but the statisticians and other economic gurus who have been following the trend of things in the community know that things are not okay with the economy of the community.


Effect of the Pandemic

In the wake of the Pandemic that gripped the world and held the world by her jugular, it was not very long before the community becomes affected. The canopy of lies under which the community leaderships and the community's economic planners have been hiding was blown off by the wind of the Pandemic. It was not long afterwards that the people started complaining and their has been inflation among other things in the community.

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The people of the community started wallowing in need and the poverty level of the community skyrocketed such of which has never been experienced since about hundred years that the community has regained her freedom from the colonial Master.

Infact according to the analysis of the global economic planners if nothing is done to salvage the situation the community would be the centre of poverty globally.

Adjustments by Companies

Many companies started laying people off to keep their businesses afloat, yet what they are doing helped but little.

The international company that employed Filale couldn't withstand the stress she has to close down the company in the community few months after this development.

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