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A Complete Volte Face On the Day of Her Birthday (1)

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They Became Lovers

Fehintolu is a beautiful damsel in the community. She is also very hardworking which makes everyone wants to be her friend and there are many guys who are proposing to her. But she has not consented to any of the guys proposing to her.

Filale loves her but he is the shy type and he does not know how to propose to her. Filale is looking for and avenue whereby he will be able to propose to her.

But no such avenue was opened until the day she asked him to borrow his Pen in the banking hall.

Filale gladly offered her his pen to write with.

After she finished filling the forms they started talking before the bank officials attended to them.

As from this day they started communicating and their communications grew deeper.

About six years ago, Filale graduated from the college, he however had no female in his life, indeed he has not had a girlfriend prior this time.

He was afraid off getting engaged with any damsel because he believes relationship is money gulping since he was still jobless he decides to lay low not getting romantically involved with any lady, because he wouldn't like to be asking for money which he will give his spouse from people or even if the lady is not demanding he would need money to go to her place or anywhere where they will meet.

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Fehintolu likes Filale's companion and it has been her heart's desire that the relationship transcends friendship level to being romantic.

Therefore, when Filale proposed to her she wouldn't dilly-dally before she accepted his proposal.


Doing Everything To Please Her

Thirty days after they started dating, Filale secured a job with an international company in the community. Everyone who knows of when they started courtship and when Filale secured the appointment says the relationship is blessed by the Divine.

Filale after securing the job ensures that he satisfies his lover, Fehintolu.

They have been in a romantic relationship for about two years now and plans are in top gear of how and when they would formalise everything.

Birthday Approaching

Filale celebrated his birthday in November and Fehintolu tried her best to make the day a memorable one for her Gem, the love of her heart.

Fehintolu's birthday is in August of every year and they have been talking about how they will celebrate her birthday in a grandstyle.

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