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We Shouldn't Keep Wild Animals As Pets

Keeping wild animals as pets is not only cruel, but unnecessary.

Wild animals are not meant to be pets

I once saw a hedgehog for sale in a pet store. I didn't know what to make of this. Hedgehogs and other wild animals are not meant to be pets. Frequently, they are smuggled out of their native ranges (hedgehogs are native to Africa, Europe, and Asia); therefore, by purchasing them as pets, we are supporting and enriching smugglers. Wild animals perform important roles in nature. Monkeys and parrots, for instance, disperse the seeds of fruit- and nut-bearing trees, and thus assist in the trees' reproduction. Snakes and other predators control the numbers of rodents such as rats and mice. When kept as pets, wild animals soon die without their natural food. When they are transported overseas, most of them don't last the journey, due to factors such as insufficient food and water and uncomfortable transport condition.

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