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A Skit: A Child's Dream

Lacking food

Lacking food

Hungry Children

Hungry Children

Kashmiri Dance

Kashmiri Dance

Child Labour

Child Labour

Mal nutrition among our children.

Mal nutrition among our children.

Child labour in Carpet Industry

Child labour in Carpet Industry

Children longing to go School

Children longing to go School

Defeat is not our Wages

Defeat is not our Wages

Victory is Mine

Victory is Mine

I' Conquer in Stages

I' Conquer in Stages

I'll Reach the Mountain Top

I'll Reach the Mountain Top

Go Light India

Go Light India

A Child's Dream

In The Garden

Music: I have a dream a Fantasy.

Scene: A spectacular garden.

In a distant house, Jane and Lucy are snooping around and giggling.

Jane; Wow!

Lucy: Let's peer into it . Its beautiful!

Strides in an angel (looking beyond solemnly).

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Jane: Who are you? (tugging at his sleeve).

Lucy: (Grabbing his hand) Please tell me... stops in her tracks. Why ? Are there tears in your eyes?

Angel: I'm coming from North India.There are children on the street who have no food.

Lucy: Did you tell God about that?

Angel: Yes! God has sent me here to find someone who can help them.

Jane: Count me in my friend and I, can't we Lucy? (hopping and skipping around).

Lucy: (sings softly and gently).

If I were an apple,

And grew upon a tree

I think I'd drop down

On a poor boy on the street.

Angel:That's very kind of you! (Angel disappears while Lucy and Jane bend to pick the flowers).

Jane: Where is our white garment friend?

Lucy: Let's hide ..(they run toward the house and enter it).

Jane: (peeping out) - He'll come again! I bet you.

Music continues.... I have a dream -(second stanza).

Kashmiri dance.

Narrator:That was a spectacular sight! The Kasmiri dance and their costume, it was splendid and graceful.

Curtain Opens

Angel from the East: Angel strolling in. (scroll in hand and engrossed in reading).

Three kids come running to him.

Misty: Are you an angel?

Ash: What's this? (pointing to the list).

Angel: The list of children who need help.The little children who work in coal mines carpet industries and tea factories.

Ash: Can I help you?

Angel: (shakes head sadly). I need someone who can help these children and set them free from child labour.

Misty: (with great curiosity).They do not go to school?

Angel: No, they need to go to school!

Children: (pondering)

Ash: I'll ask my dad if he can help.

Misty: When I grow up I'll help them!

Angel: Oh darling! You are so thoughtful.

Misty I'll open a school for them and ..... well, I'll make it a free schooling.

Angel: Brilliant idea! (angel hugs Misty).

God bless you (writes down her name.Turning to Misty well what's your name?)

Misty: I'm Misty (jumping with glee)

Ash: Write my name too.I'll coax daddy to do it right away,

Angel pauses to write down her name .

Ash: Ash D'souza .

Angel; Now I must visit the next town.

Kids bid them goodbye.

Children present a Nagaland dance.

Curtain closes.

Narrators:Hey! Wasn't that gorgeous.

South India:

Jane and Lucy hiding in the house.

The angel lingers around looking for someone .

Screams of joy pierces the air ... the angel gets startled.

Jane and Lucy come out of hiding place.

Jane: (Screams with excitement) Big Brother! We found you!!

Lucy:This is not our friend. See he's different!

Jane: (bends to see his face).

Bernie: Friend can I help you?

Shiny: Let me guess ...pauses ...God sent you?

Didn't He?

Angel: Exactly! You guessed right. I'm bringing report from the South.

The children there are poor and sick due to lack of nutritious food.

I have a dream! (song continues)

Angel: Come here kids .

Shiny (tapping the angel's arm)

Bernie: Mine is Bernie.

Angel: Darlings Shiny and Bernie, each child has a dream, they cannot fulfill.

There are kids lurking around dirty corners, seeking a lovely coin that can fetch them a meal. While the rich kids are peering over books; baffling to unravel a mystery.

Bernie: Why aren't they going to school?

Angel: Some parents like that life-style, while some though they would love to send their kids to school just can't afford to do so.

There follows a dance-Bharatnatyam.

Narrator: Wasn't that gorgeous! Lets give them a big round of applause.

West India:

Angel: Seated on a rock ... looks worried (speaks aloud ).

Oh! the untold misery of these kids .Those little clammy hands clinging to a begging bowl waiting to grab the coin just flunked in..

How am I going to help them? (moves restlessly to and fro).

Help ! Help!

Three kids come running in.(Chris, Ted and Jimmy).

Chris: Did you cry for help?

Ted and Jimmy: Are you ill?

Angel: Its pathetic. Who will help ?

Chris: Shall I call my dad? He's an excellent doctor. A little herbal dose will cure all your ailments.

Ted: What aileth thee?

Angel: Those kids !

Ted : Where are they ?

Angel: There are so many of them .

Ted: What did they do?

Angel: Nothing,nothing,they need help.

Ted: You know, my mom tells me,


Try, try, try, try a little

Rack your brains :

And move your hands a bit.

For when you give up ,

It shows your defeat,

Leaving work half done has no beauty in it

Angel : Kids ! You can help!!

Ted and Jimmy :Certainly, we will!


Scene V After ten years

Angels from North, East, South and West assemble with their reports.

The Kids who had promised to help are assembled too.

Each one takes an oath and they take positions forming the map of India.

Jane:There is much to accomplish,

I must be brave once more.

Lucy:There are greater depths to dive,

wherein I must explore.

Shiny: Unravel the hidden wealth and

Strive for my country's prosperity and health.

Ted: I must not rest: I must not drop,

Until someday, we're perched on the top.

Jimmy: Its work that gives flavour to life;

Chris: Achievement is by striving, not by strife.

Misty: I'm gonna change my country!

Barnie: I'm gonna take my dreams seriously.

Ash: I'll never say it is too late.

Lucy: I'll conquer my mountain in stages.

Gary: I'll be the first one willing to change.

and never take no for an answer.

Matt: Each day I'll do my best ,

And trust God to do the rest.

The pledge ends with the song 'Carry your candle Go Light India'.


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