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A Chance Tomorrow has Given

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Arjay is studying in college for mostly three years. He used to make poems when he was in Highschool.

Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 from Pexels

Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 from Pexels

Life isn’t made to be full of happiness

It is like a mixture of different emotions

You also need to be prepared to face loneliness

Be mentally prepared for all the tensions

If darkness somehow devoured your day

Don’t surrender, for tomorrow will show a different story

I just want to let you know it’s okay

You don’t have to be so gloomy

If faced with happiness cherish the moment

But don’t expect that life is full of satisfaction

Don’t let your life principles be bent

Utilize your abilities and continue to function

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If life throws problems on you, never waver

Plan your next move and start a counter-attack

Always remember to bring your prayer

Recall that God always have your back

In this life full of challenges don’t lose hope

The moment of quitting is the moment of defeat

Everyone has his own talent that needs growth

Develop yourself until you can stand on your feet

Be courageous and fight all the hardships

Don’t be stagnant and start your life’s motion

Listen to wise men and take some tips

This will lead you to your life’s salvation

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