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A Brief Compilation of Short Poems - Part IV

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A Brief Compilation of Short Poems - Part IV

A Brief Compilation of Short Poems - Part IV

A Brief Compilation of Short Poems - Part IV

Brief Compilation of Poems – Part IV_____ 1. Poem - We Still Talk

Brief Compilation of Poems – Part IV

Poem: We Still Talk

We still talk every day.

People tell me that

It is not supposed to be

that way.

“He left you there.

He does not seem to care,”

they say.

“He must not like

you very much.

Why are you making

such big efforts

to keep in touch?”

I do not really know

how to respond

when I hear this kind of talk

I still do not really

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know why you chose

to walk


I want to continue

to communicate

but it feels like

it is getting late.

My whole life

can pass me by.

What you are doing

can potentially

continue for years.

And I am just left

to wait, wonder

and cry?

It does not seem fair

for it to be this way.

Then I hear so many

other stories

that resonate with me.

Everybody has a story

and life is not fair sometimes.

So I continue

to write my rhymes

to try to ease the pain

because sometimes

I seriously feel

like I am going insane.

Waiting for you

Is becoming a chore.

Waiting for you

Is becoming a bore.

I think that I have

plenty of life left to live

and plenty of love

that I can give

but you don’t want me

to give it to you.

Somebody else might

want it too.

But I made this commitment

that I feel a spiritual connection to.

What am I supposed to do?

So, I wait and continue to wait.

I pray and I pray and I pray.

People tell me that

this is not normal.

But what is normal anyway?

2. Poem – I Love Hard

Poem – I Love Hard

I love hard.

It is true.

I will never let you go

if you don’t

want me too.

And if you push me away,

I will pray

to be back

together with you.

Yes, I am that type

that never gives up

on love

but I need

a lot of help

that is coming from above.

3. Poem - Survival

Poem - Survival

For her,

It was all a matter

of survival

upon arrival.

And she took

impulsive action

without praying

on it first.

That ended up

being the worst thing

she could


It would follow her

and haunt her

for a lifetime

and at the time,

she did not have a clue

about what it would do.

She should have thought

it through.

4. Poem – Restoration

Poem – Restoration

Restoration and healing.

That’s what I need.

I have a good feeling

that I can get it speedily

if I just forget

the events that occurred.

I have a lot of difficulty

forgetting, though.

5. Poem – I Read

Poem – I Read

I read the

Book of Psalms

to try to stay calm.

Things will

get better

one day,

I pray.





We have all been affected

by it in one way or another.

We have all experienced it.

We are in it together.

Sometimes, the world

can be a dark and bitter

place with awful memories

that we try to erase

but they are still there.

We don’t forget,

we just live

day by day

and try not to fret.

6. Poem – Don’t Go

Poem – Don’t Go

Sometimes a woman

asks a man

to leave.

She tells him to go.

“Don’t let the door

hit you on the way out.

And there is no need

for you to come around here


I am not your whore.”

But what if

she asks

the man to

never leave?

Why does he still go?

Why does the term “commitment”

have to be considered like it is a fantasy?

We are not roaming animals.

We are human families.

For God’s sake,

“something’s got to give”

Men and women need to

come together better,

like they are supposed to

and just live.

Too many guys get along better with other guys.

They argue with the women,

then leave them all alone to cry.

They go hang out with their bros,

their drinking buddies.

They forget all about

the responsibilities

that they are supposed to share

with the women that care.

It’s just not fair.

Of course, this is coming

from a woman’s perspective

and the musings can

become rather introspective

but you can see what I am getting at.

Family should come first

and that is that.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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