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Daughters and Roses


How It Is With Roses

by Billie Kelpin
to my daughter Bethany Therese

You decide to buy a rosebush -- "Burgundy Princess" the label says. You've never grown roses before and you heard they require a lot of care. The picture looks nice, but you don't know. It might not turn out. Afterall, it's just a picture and you could be disappointed.

But you take the chance and plant it anyway, right in the center of your garden. And the very next spring, it blooms. At first you're amazed and more than pleased with the few beautiful blossoms that have unfolded in your favorite color, and you're quite satisfied because it's more than you could ever have asked for.

But then the next year there are more blossoms-- so many that you lose count of them all - and every day feels like the best Christmas ever.

And year after year, spring after frozen winter, the rose bush grows taller and more lovely, and each new spring becomes a Christmas filled with more delightful surprises than the Christmas before. And as the blossoms unfold, you want everyone to see the amazing turning of the universe that is before you.

And everyday that you look at the rose, you smile and you know that the people who walk by, smile too. Sometimes they even stop to tell you that your garden makes them happy. And you feel pride that you've helped to put such beauty into the world and, more importantly, profound reference for the force that brought the Burgundy Princess into your life.

But that's just how it is with roses...and with daughters.

©1992 Billie Pagliolo for Bethany on her Birthday with Love


Thelma Alberts from Germany on January 17, 2015:

What a beautiful poem for your daughter! I like it. Well done!

Billie Pagliolo from Laguna Hills, California on May 08, 2011:

and the commenter, Lisa, is the most supportive, fun-loving, zen-like person I know in the whole world!

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LE Connell on May 08, 2011:

The author of this flower poem is a lovely gardener who continues to appreciate the beauty in her life, her family & her friends....

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