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9 Ways to Add Value to Your Articles and Remain Focused

Rajinder is a writer/editor turned digital writopreneur. He has published more than 1000 articles. He has trained 735 writopreneurs in India

Consistent Writing

Writing is not only a way of expression, but it is more about having an impact on the mind of your readers by delivering valuable content. Many times, writers go through several challenges. To remain focused in adding constant value to your articles and also to help you complete your writing assignments on time, I am going to share 9 important ways. Are you ready to add value to your articles? If yes, type “I will commit less in the title and will add more value to my articles” in the comments.

The number one way is to research the topic you want to write about

The most important thing that a writer should focus on is to research the topic that he wants to write about. There are various things to research. The first thing is to check whether the topic is being searched for in search engines, particularly Google – you will use Google suggest feature for this. If you know what is Google suggest then type, “I know”; otherwise type, “I don’t know what is Google suggest. Please explain”. And here is the answer, when you search in Google, it starts suggesting some key terms and phrases, this feature is very powerful and is called “Google suggest”. It was introduced by Google in 2007 and it quickly became a core part of Google search.

The next step is to write and check your topic on Google search and find what is the monthly search volume for the topic. If the search volume is good, it means people are looking for that topic and you are good to go. The second way to find out the popularity of a topic is to search for it on Google trends. Are you using “Google Trends”? If yes, type “I use Google Trends regularly. If not, type, I will start using “Google Trends” from today. Now again here is the answer. Type “Google Trends” in Google search, click on the first link and then Trends will open. Now type in your topic in Google trends and see the search graph that appears on the screen. If the search graph shows consistent demand over a period of a few months then you should write about that topic. If first point is clear, type “first point clear” in the comments below this hub.

After finding the topic, the next important thing to find out is the right keywords for your article. Again you need to search for your keyword on Google search and see what is its monthly search volume. Take note of the articles that show up in the first few results. Read through 1 to 10 of those articles so that you'll get an idea of what to write. If this point is clear, type “reading through first 10 articles clear”. Now use the keywords that have a good volume of monthly searches and include those in your title, meta description, and article. Don't stuff your keywords throughout the article but use them strategically and in a natural way. This will ensure you get a lot of traffic from search engines.

The third way is to write high quality, grammatically correct sentences

Now that you have found the keywords for your article, write a good, high-quality article that will meet the needs of your audience. Include facts and figures in your article to make it look more authentic. If you have any life stories, include those as well since people relate to personal stories better. Ensure that your article is grammatically error free. Avoid using the passive tense and a lot of adverbs. The article should have short sentences and paragraphs. People do not like reading essay-type articles or boring documentaries. Run your article through grammar tools like Grammarly or Hemingway. Now if all these points are clear, type “All points clear” and also type “I will include stories as people love reading stories and stories sell”.

The next way is to write long-form articles for Google ranking

It is a well-known fact that Google gives a lot of importance to long-form articles. Your article should be at least 1000 words long and could go up to 4000 words. This will ensure that it gets a high ranking on the Google search engine. This entails a lot of research and fact finding. A long-form article indicates that you have enough information that is properly curated for your readers. If long-form writing is clear, type “I will write long-form content”.

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The fifth way is to add media to your article

Another focus point for writers should be to add the appropriate media to your articles. This includes relevant images or video clips to enrich your articles. The best practice is to use your own images and videos as much as possible. In case you don't have your own images and videos there are many websites that offer free stock images as well as videos. You can use the same after giving due credit. If adding media is clear, type “I will add rich media to my articles”.

Have a particular place to write

It is possible to write anywhere but it is a good practice to use a particular place for writing your articles. This programs your mind to go into the writing mode as soon as you get into that place. It could be a corner in your room or a library or a coffee house that is quiet. Will you find a special corner to write? If yes, type “I will find a creative corner to start writing”.

The seventh way is to block out the same time to write daily

It has been the experience of many good writers to carve out a particular time every day just to write. They dedicate those minutes and hours daily just for their writing. This helps the mind and the body to adjust itself and recognize that it is time to write. If you do not block your daily time to write, then it is easy to become slack and miss it. So type, “I will block out the same time to write on a daily basis”.

Don’t wait for motivation -- just write

When a famous writer was asked how he gets the motivation to write, he replied, “I get up in the morning, have my cup of coffee, go to my desk and start writing and in a few minutes I get my motivation.” In other words, he started writing, and then the motivation came automatically. Similarly, we don't really need the motivation to write, we need to just start writing -- motivation or no motivation. If you are inspired type, “I don’t need motivation. I am inspired automatically”.

Self-discipline is necessary

Related to the previous point of motivation, what writers really need is self-discipline. Writing can be very easy at times but can be very difficult also. There are times when we experience what is called the flow that is when the words just flow out of our fingers. But then there are times when we experience what is generally called the ‘writers' block.’ That is the time when the words just refuse to come out of our minds and fingers. That's the time when we need to be disciplined and just make ourselves write whether there is a flow or not. After some time of writing, the flow will be there automatically. Type, “I will avoid writer’s block and will maintain self-discipline”.

Now the bonus tenth way is while writing, always keep the reader’s needs in mind

Many people write for search engines. This is a big mistake because you may satisfy the search engines but your readers may be put off. If this is clear, type, “I will focus on my reader’s pain area and will carve out my article based on that”. So keep in mind the needs of your readers and address all their pain points and give solutions to their problems throughout your article. If you keep these 10 ways in your mind while writing your articles, I can assure you that you will become a great writer and your articles will gain traction with your readers and also with the search engines. If you liked this article, just type “I loved your article. Feeling motivated to write” in the comments. We would like to bring to your notice that we have recently launched our first e-book. It contains 18 chapters and 130 pages of highly informative and valuable content and will be helpful for anyone who wants to start freelance writing career. Many copies have already gone on the first day of launch. If you are interested, just type ‘I am interested in the e-book’ in the comments and we will share the link.

Writopreneurs Checklist by Rajinder Soni, Chief Coach

Writopreneurs Checklist by Rajinder Soni, Chief Coach

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