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9 Best Books to Spot, Understand and Deal With Psychopaths

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Psychopaths (sociopaths) exist in our daily lives as regular people who wreak havoc on unsuspecting victims, leaving them in financial and emotional devastation – or dead. Protect yourself – learn about psychopaths – and if you have had the misfortune to become entangled in one’s web, understand how and why you ended up in the toxic relationship.

Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath

Author: Thomas Sheridan

Ave goodreads score: 4.17/5

The word "Psychopath" generally conjures up thoughts of Hannibal Lecter or a frightening prowler from a late-night TV thriller. In fact, murderous psychopaths are rare. Most of psychopaths are nonviolent and they blend in well with the general population. According to Thomas Sheridan, there may be one or two physiological signals that alert us to the possibility that we are dealing with a potentially dangerous individual.

Psychopaths have completely different objectives and thoughts than regular individuals. They don't have the same 'feelings' that we have. Even though psychopaths are aware of right and wrong, their incapacity to connect with the sorrow or pain of others renders them callous and cruel. For a psychopath, remorse and guilt are incomprehensible concepts. Psychopaths lead parasitic lives in which their major objective is to secure their own survival, often at the expense of others.

If you have ever been targeted by one of these creatures, or you fear you might meet a psychopath since undiagnosed or nonviolent psychopaths are common and they are always on hunt for victims, then this book is for you. It will instruct you on how to deal with them and how to heal from the trauma they can inflict. Free from psychobabble, Puzzling people should clear up any confusion you've had for years, about what happened. When I read this, I found myself nodding and thinking, "Yes, it all fits." This book is truly life changing.

Puzzling People is a useful field guide on detecting and avoiding creatures so devoid of empathy or compassion that they might as well be classified as a separate species apart from humans.

Surrounded by Psychopaths: How to Protect Yourself from Being Manipulated and Exploited in Business (and in Life)

Author: Thomas Erikson

Ave goodreads score: 3.46/5

Charismatic, charming, and pleasant or devious, manipulative, and self-serving? Psychopaths are both, which is why they are so dangerous. Thomas Erikson shows how to recognize psychopaths in your life and resist their attempts to dominate and manipulate you.

Surrounded by Psychopaths teaches readers how to deal with psychopaths in their life by being aware of their own behavior and weaknesses, using the same easy four-color method of behavior classification (DISC) that made Surrounded by Idiots so successful. Detailed examples show how psychopaths exploit various sorts of behavior, allowing readers to see their own flaws and take proactive steps to defend themselves. Erikson discusses some of the most frequent manipulative techniques employed by psychopaths and others to control people around them. Because manipulation can be a characteristic of non-psychopathic relationships, the book also provides practical strategies and approaches to help readers confront controlling people and transform bad relationships into mutually respected ones.

Surrounded by Psychopaths will educate you how to defend yourself against manipulative influence in your career, social life, and family by understanding your conduct as well as the habits and strategies of psychopaths.

Don’t let low average score on goodreads prevent you from reading this book. We are surrounded by psychopaths and this book is an excellent guide.

Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us

Author: Robert D. Hare

Ave goodreads score: 4.06/5

Psychopaths are morally bankrupt people. Individuals with this personality disorder are completely aware of the consequences of their acts and understand the difference between right and wrong, but they are so self-centered and remorseless that they are unconcerned about other people's feelings. Perhaps most terrifying, they often appear entirely normal to their unwary victims—and they don't always kill.

Based on 25 years of rigorous scientific research, Dr. Robert D. Hare presents a riveting portrayal of these dangerous individuals and exposes psychopathic characteristics in layman's terms. Dr. Hare uses terrifying experiences with psychopaths to demonstrate his findings and theories. There is also a chapter titled "A Survival Guide." Anyone interested in learning more about this deadly disorder would benefit from this book, which contains both solid facts and intriguing ideas.

202 Ways to Spot a Psychopath

Author: A.B.Admin

Ave goodreads score: 4.16/5

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According to studies, about 1% of the population fits the psychopathy criterion. However, because many psychopaths stay undiagnosed, it's possible that the true number of psychopaths is far higher. These toxic individuals are masters of camouflage. The most distressing element of psychopathy is its invisibility.

Psychopaths have mastered the art of concealing their actual character. They're talented actors and impersonators. After all, they can only deceive us if they first convince us that they are real, honest, and trustworthy. They must appear 'normal' in order to do this.

So how can you identify a psychopath? It's possible,If you know what to look for.

In 202 ways to spot a psychopath A.B. Admin shares the clues a psychopath can leak so that you can spot a psychopath when you're interacting with one.

This is a quick read. Because this sort of knowledge is sometimes required in a hurry, so a short book that does not ramble on is perfect.

The Myth of the Out of Character Crime

Author: Stanton E. Samenow

Ave goodreads score: 4.24/5

The author a renowned psychologist, reads people accused of crime to find out the context for the crime and he teaches you how to do that. However, his approach can be used to read a variety of people, including narcissists, psychopaths, and neurotypicals. According to the author, there is no such thing as an out of character crime, rather it is an outward sign of something hidden. What if we scrutinized what lies underneath a person's exterior, or mask, that he or she displays to the world? This can be accomplished by paying close attention to seemingly insignificant aspects of their daily lives such as sexual history, marital conflicts, job history, hobbies and interests, goals and ambitions, reading preferences, alcohol consumption, money handling, and, most importantly, reaction to frustrations.

This book is brilliant.You will become an expert at identifying bad people.

Women Who Love Psychopaths

Author: Sandra L. Brown

Ave goodreads score: 4.23/5

“There are at least 6 million men with psychopathic characteristics in America,” the author write, “which means women are very likely to hook up with psychopaths.” This book explores in depth the relationship between psychopaths and their selected targets. Observing psychopaths in isolation is insufficient. It doesn't expose how they latch on to ordinary people and deceive us. A psychopath can't operate unless he or she can find a lot of willing partners to deceive, abuse, and use. To fully comprehend the threat posed by psychopathic persons, we must first comprehend both sides of the coin: psychopaths' personality characteristics as well as our own potential susceptibility to psychopathic seduction. Thus Women Who Love Psychopaths paints a complete and thorough picture of psychopaths.

Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work

Author: Robert D. Hare, Paul Babiak

Ave goodreads score: 3.68/5

Have you ever wondered about a coworker that drives you insane? It's possible that he's a psychopath. This easy-to-understand book utilizes real-life examples to demonstrate the manipulation and deception of psychopaths. The authors inform the readers that psychopaths are parasites and predators that prey on not only individuals but also corporations as they pass themselves off as amazing leaders. The writers offer tips on how to spot and deal with a psychopaths in the workplace.

The Sociopath Next Door

Author: Martha Stout

Ave goodreads score: 3.76/5

Because one out of every twenty-five regular Americans is a sociopath who acts without a conscience, this well-written book indicates that we have or will come into touch with one. The author demonstrates how these individuals deceive and manipulate those who place their confidence in them. The sociopathic-behavior checklist and associated coping methods are quite useful.

Outsmarting the Sociopath Next Door: How to Protect Yourself Against a Ruthless Manipulator

Author: Martha Stout

Ave goodreads score: 3.68/5

Stout follows up The Sociopath Next Door with a fascinating companion guide on coping with those who exhibit "an ice-cold unfeeling emptiness." Stout discusses sociopathy among youngsters, at work, during child custody disputes, and in adults who are blatantly "assaultive" and even "homicidal." She shares stories, some made up, others based on reader letters, to demonstrate how to preserve one's safety and well-being in such situations.

An 11-year-old whose mother found he had robbed the remains of a man killed in Superstorm Sandy, a supervisor who manipulates her staff to make them squirm, and a juvenile cyberbully who pushed a classmate to suicide are just a few of her examples. Stout offers personalized advice for each issue, as well as ten generic suggestions, such as suppressing emotional reactions that one's persecutor is looking for and gathering supporters.

She also looks at the differences between narcissism and sociopathy, as well as the prevalence of sociopathy in businesses and governments. Despite her alarmist tone, Stout finishes on a pleasantly hopeful note, praising the capacity of the " courageous and compassionate individual " to stand up against sociopaths. Her bleak but ultimately comforting primer will leave readers better equipped to deal with the evil people in their lives.

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