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8 Tips for Making Your Blog More Readable

Lolu is a Civil Engineer with a flair and passion for writing.

8 Tips For Making Your Blog More Readable

How quickly and how easily information can be obtained from a blog post depends

on the readability of the post. Content is important, but content that that cannot be

easily extracted can lead your reader moving on to the next source – another blog.

Your post has to be well structured, with points clearly laid out and discernable.

Time is a precious resource, not to be wasted, therefore no one wants to spend

valuable time scouring through tons of material, looking for that vital piece of


The Tips

1.Utilize Appropriate Headings

An appropriate heading gives a clear definition and meaning to the content that

follows. The reader has an idea of what to expect from the content underneath your

heading and you must make sure that they match.

2.Maintain Short Paragraphs

Short paragraphs help to break up an otherwise long and boring reading. It helps to

take the stain off the eyes and allow for breathers in a world where distractions

abound, the internet not excluded. Ideally, your paragraph length should not be

more than 5 lines.

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3.Choose The Right Type Of Font

So what font is right for your blog? - The font that is easy to read, with no

complicated characters. It makes it easy for the eye to flow over the words, saves

time reading through and allows faster assimilation. Personally, i use Arial font, and

I notice, so do several other sites. Other popular fonts include Sans- Sesif and


4.Choose The Right Font Size

Though there is no official standard for font size use, you should put into

consideration that some people can read small font size, some cannot. You have to

strike a balance- not too small and not too big. Choose a font that will enable your

post to be easily read, without strain to the eyes. Font size 14 is increasingly being

used by blog owners and managers.

5.Use Highlights

The use of highlights helps to put focus, attention, if you will, on the more important

point in your write- up. The attention of readers that skim through your write up are

caught be the highlights and they often go back and read more of the post, more

carefully. Methods of highlighting include but are not limited

to, underlines, italics, bold and colouration.

6.Use Text Breakers

Text breaks are used to pause a long continuous stretch of text. It helps to make

the blog content more readable and reduces fatigue associated with long stretches

of text.

Text Breakers include

  • Images - free, as well as stock photos abound on the internet. Use them to

punctuate your articles and lift the spirits of your readers.

  • Quote boxes – use these to break up your text. I particularly like amusing or
  • crafty quotes. You should try them.
  • Related Links – Readers are able to view other relevant post, either within or outside your website.
  • Social Media boxes – Apart from breaking up your text, it also helps to expose your post to a wider audience.
  • Lists – use lists to give your post a different look, with information that is quick to grab.

7.Create a Drop Cap

A drop cap has a kind of appeal that makes a reader want to engage with your post.

It helps to create an authority like kind of feel to your article that draws in the user,

just like the way this article was started.

8.Select a cool, relaxing background

Don’t paint your background red, or a dark colour. It will take the focus off your text

and make it hard to scroll through. Always choose lighter colours because they are

soothing, easy on the eyes and mood lifting.

Take Away

Blogging either for passion or for business requires proper attention. A

few careful inputs can go a long way in improving the overall health of

your blog, creating a wider reach, better readability and user response.

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