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8 Excuses Given for Not Reading

Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

Believe it or not, many people don’t like to read. Yes, I know that is shocking, but sadly, it is true. They avoid it like the plague. Why? Why do they do this horrific thing? Well, here are the top eight reasons they need a straitjacket.

1. Too busy

This is probably the most popular reason for not reading any book. Yes, I admit that time is a very precious commodity. We all wish we had more, reality, we have more than we think we do.

Take a day or two and map out your time minute by minute: What time do you get up in the morning? What time do you leave for work or school? What do you do between the time you wake up and leave?

As you go throughout the day, you’ll realize that there is a lot of time you can use reading. What about the time spent on the bus or train going to your destination? I’ve found time to read at the doctor’s office, waiting for the kids’ ballgames to start or during half-time, and even going to the bathroom. Take any few minutes you can and read a page or two.

If you can make time to watch a movie or hang out with friends, you can make the time to read a book. It doesn’t have to be read in one sitting. Read every chance you get.


2. Books are boring

I’m trying not to have a heart attack at this excuse. It is very hard for me to fathom this being true in anyone’s mind, but many feel that way.

Why do some people consider books as boring? Well, that could be for a number of reasons. Some like pictures in their books. I’m not talking about just picture books and not being condescending. I’m talking about comic books and such. These are highly visual minded people. Their stories have to have the pictures to go along with it.

Those people always think that all books are like Moby Dick. If they were, I’d have to agree with this excuse, but they aren’t. There are many exciting books out there.

It could be the genre. Some genres just don’t click with the reader. To the reader, it is boring. That makes sense. It’s a matter then of finding the right genre.


3. Prefer movies

We’ve become a more visual society. While reading is visual in the sense that we are reading the words with our eyes, it isn’t visual enough. Most people like to see the story unfold before their eyes in real time. Plus you can watch a story unfold faster than you can read it.

But do they know that most movies come from books? Yes, many of the movies you love to watch originally were books. The movie script writers might not follow the book to the letter, but that can be a reason to read the book. Read the book and then watch the movie.

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4. Too Expensive

Some people feel that reading is too expensive. If you look at the full price of hardcovers and paperbacks, I might agree, it can get pricey. But how many books do you buy at one time, in a week, or a month? This is a very poor excuse.

There is the library where you can get free books. You can even get them at discount book stores. Let’s say you read a book a week, you can go on Amazon and get used ones for $4.00 each. That’s only $12 a month for a print book, and e-books are even cheaper. You probably spend more on junk food than you would on books.

5. Struggle Reading

Okay, this can be a very legit excuse. There are many, many people who have troubles reading. It’s not a funny topic. It’s very serious and nothing to be ashamed about. And it shouldn’t stop you from reading.

There are many ways you can get through your reading struggle. Ask for help. There are many people and organizations out there who want to improve the literacy among adults. Check them out.

6. Can’t Focus

Yes, there are times when you can’t focus on your reading. It could be a combination of reasons, but do they occur twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long? No. if you can’t focus, step away for a bit until your mind is clear to soak in the words. It’s not permanent.

There are some people also who can’t focus due to issues such as ADHD. Then find the right kind of books that will keep you attention.


7. Can’t find any I like

I can sympathize with this. There are times a good book doesn’t fall into your lap. It could be you are in a very particular mood. Maybe I really want a mystery today and not my usual historical fictions. Sometimes you can’t find the one that grabs you.

But how hard did you search? Did you go to the store and search the shelves? You need to look hard to find that book. Take a day or two off from reading and then look again. You could be just tired.

8. Poor quality

This is one excuse that sadly is becoming more and more legit, but it is still not a good reason not to read. There are millions of great quality books just as there are millions of poor quality. Read the reviews.


Jo Miller from Tennessee on September 07, 2017:

I can't remember when I didn't love to read. It has been enormously important to me over the years. I can always find new things to read. There are many more interesting books that I'll never have time to read.

I hate to admit it, but I seldom pay much for books. I can always purchase them from yard sales, used book stores, library sales, etc. And I have a whole supply of them now that it will take me years to read.

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