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5 Funny Things About Women

Ruby is a freelance writer from the Philippines. She has travelled to at least eight Asian countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, Macao, etc.


With eyes fixed on colorful dresses and shoes in a boutique across the way, I sat in a mall’s foyer one lazy afternoon. While sitting, I observed three ladies secretly talking in one corner of that boutique. The three young ladies giggled. They whispered to each other. And at times, they laughed raucously.  As I closely watched them, it dawned on me that “women can be comical in several ways. Women have some unique habits that are entirely different from men. They have their own strange ways of doing things that often leaves men either amused or confused.

Many women spend more hours in front of a mirror than in any place in their home.

According to a study done by  Simple Skincare, a UK-based company, a survey of 2,000 British women about their daily mirror-using habits indicated that the majority of women feel compelled to consistently check their appearance throughout the day. Fifty percent of women reported that they wouldn’t leave their homes without some sort of mirror, and 10 percent of participants said that they use their compacts at least 10 times a day. "Justine, one of my ex-co-workers, often came to work late.  And she had only one reason for that—she spent more time in front of a mirror than us," said one supervisor. 

In a ladies’ dormitory, I noticed five mirrors from the second floor hallway down to the front door of the first floor.  When I asked one occupant why there were so many mirrors, one lady responded, “That’s our life, mirrors, mirrors, mirrors! We just can’t live without so many of them.”  

Mirrors seem to go with women all the way. For them, it’s better to miss their morning meals than to fail to check themselves in the mirror.  What I’m trying to say is, mirrors are extremely important for women.  They’ll do anything just to secure a mirror and more mirrors in their homes as soon as possible.  


Some women don’t want another woman to wear the same dress they own.

When Kaye saw someone wearing a dress like hers in church, she decided to give away her newly bought pink dress to a niece as soon as she arrived home.  Women don’t like to wear clothes that have duplicates or even resemble the one that another woman wears.  Once they find other women or anyone wearing the same dress they have, they stop wearing it.  They either resell the item or give it away to someone else just to get rid of it. Some women are even willing to go for long miles looking for boutiques or dress shops away from their homes, just to see to it that their clothes don’t have replicas.  

Most women carry their bags with them wherever they go.

From a mall to the garage, from an office to the rest room, women always carry their bags with them. It’s like their bags are part of their attire that they can’t take it off  their body.   “I can’t live without my bag,” said a thirty-two year old lady as she left her house.   “I just don’t feel like going out from my house without my shoulder bag,” declared another woman in her fifties. 

True, women find it uncomfortable to leave their house without any bag on their shoulders or their body.  “I was already driving about five miles away from home heading to a department store one morning, when my wife shouted, ‘Daddy, I forgot my bag! I need to go back and get it please.’  ‘Okay,’ the husband quickly answered.

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Really, it appears that ladies’ bags are glued to their body. And not only  that, they have several kinds of bags in all styles and sizes as well as in different colors.  

"Liz has the perfect color and design of bag for every dress she wears each weekend to church. She has every style of bag according to fashion. How she acquired those bags is simply a mystery to me, " quipped one hubby.

Several women love to haggle when they buy.

“I really don’t like going with my wife when she goes to the market.” And when asked for his reason, the husband commented, “My wife spends thirty minutes haggling for a single item. And even if she buys only two or three items, she could almost consume the whole day in the market or mall just for those three items. I really don’t understand why women are like that.”

Women are very adept when it comes to haggling. In fact, even if they have more than enough money, still they love to do it—haggle and haggle. And what’s funnier is, even if they never buy the item, they try to bargain with vendors or salesladies.


Some women hide their age, weight and feelings.  

In their teenage years, girls often show off their age by announcing it to their friends.  But in their adult years, they keep their age secret as much as possible.  And when you ask them their age, they seem to have a cute and constant response, “I don’t know.” That is the same thing when you ask them   their weight. They dodge having it mentioned.  And when you do enquire, they usually find a way to divert the topic to something else as a way of escape.

What about their feelings? Oh no. Generally, women never reveal their feelings especially in the presence of men.  They try to keep these feelings as concealed  as possible.  But watch out when they are with their female friends--they could talk for several hours about their “crushes” or the men they admire, even in their adult life. And when they are immersed in talking, they forget about keeping their feelings secret.  So, nothing is actually hidden anymore.

Yes, women can indeed be funny and ridiculous at times. But imagine what this world would be like without women? I believe it would be an ugly, boring, and lifeless world. So, just thank God for all the women in your life, whether she's your mom, spouse, aunt, daughter, sister, or niece. Women are unique jewels of God. They were created to bring sunshine and add joy to your life.

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