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6 Reasons to Listen to WAP [Cardi B]

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I am always fascinated on the power of lyricism and poetry. This poem is inspired by stories about experiences at Silliman Bea

WAP Lyrics by Cardi B

WAP Lyrics by Cardi B

Songs are sources of empowerment. A song can start a revolution or can create a powerful movement, like fighting against racism. A song is a good medium to deliver a message to the masses. A message that can positively change the future or can unite societies in conflict.

And, these good values are present in the song WAP by Cardi B.

The value and contribution of Cardi B’s song can only be appreciated after a thorough examination of the WAP lyrics.

Here are six (6) insanely necessary reasons to listen to the song WAP by Cardi B:

WAP Lyrics by Cardi B

WAP Lyrics by Cardi B

  1. Biology and Anatomy

    Before the song WAP by Cardi-B, millions of innocent children around the world were unaware of what the female buttocks looked like. The female buttocks might be a common sight to Westerners, but there are a few million children around the world that lack the actual sample of its imagery. Children 10 years or younger now have an idea what it looks like behind clothing.

    The song WAP by Cardi B emphasized the female buttocks as a sexy feature of a woman. That it is not only designed for comfort when you sit down, but it can also be an arsenal to gain millions of views on YouTube

  2. Sometimes the word pussy does not mean cat

    When I was in grade school, the only pussy I know is furry, has four legs, has a long tail, and has nine (9) lives. But after the song WAP from Cardi B, millions of children around the world, boy or girl, were educated that the word pussy can also mean the female sexual organ.

    Cardi B deserves the million views she has on YouTube because she was able to incorporate human anatomy in her song lyrics. Watching Cardi B’s WAP on YouTube is like attending an online learning class. The music video is educational.

  3. It teaches household chores

    WAP was able to educate millions of children around the world to perform simple chores. When the floor is dirty, you simply get a bucket and a mop to wipe the floor. Teaching children household chores can develop their humble personality. Learning to mop the floor also teaches cleanliness, a trait that is necessary for maturity.

    The song WAP also addressed the dangers of a wet floor. Wet floors are slippery and can cause serious injury if accidents occur. This is very intelligent lyricism, because it also talks about safety. OSHA should hire Cardi B.

  4. Choking can cause death

    Choking causes asphyxiation which can lead to death. And from an article in Wikepedia about Choking, Choking causes thousands of deaths per year. There are many complicated maneuvers to save a person's life during choking. And these first aid responses are not known to many people. It is good to note that education is the best tool in saving a person's life during choking.

    The song WAP of Cardi B is so intelligent because it was able to incorporate a complex first aid response for choking. The song speaks of a first aid response for a person, gagging, choking, and gasping for breath. The song recommends that to relieve a person choking, the first aid responder needs to touch the dangling thing at the back of the mouth, or better termed as uvula.

    Listening to Cardi B’s WAP might just save lives.

  5. WAP lyrics of Cardi Speaks of Generosity

    Poverty causes a lot of families to pull their children out of school. The large gap between the rich and the poor forces the poor family to become poorer. And even, a household item as simple as a cell phone for taking pictures is not available for impoverished families. Thus, there is a need to fight poverty and poor education by helping others.

    The song WAP from Cardi B speaks of generosity. It recommends the rich should help the poor. The WAP lyrics suggest that the rich should offer scholarships to deserving poor families, pay their tuition and buy the students cellular phones they can use for their study.

    Cardi B is trying to reach the soft side of the rich people, those who have more in life, to share and give to the less fortunate. The lyrics of the song WAP have a perfect example of generosity and charity.

  6. You can lose everything but do not lose your faith

    “Put him on his knees, give him something to believe in”, this phrase was taken from the WAP lyrics. Most people are blinded by material objects and forgot about the heavenly creator. We ask and pray to receive blessing and money, but once it is already available, we forgot to thank him.

    Cardi B is not perceived as someone who is religious, but she was able to incorporate lyrics about religion in her song WAP. The WAP lyrics of Cardi B aims to bring people back to faith. To place people on their knees and give them something to believe, it speaks of prayer.

    With all the negativity in the lyricism of today’s mainstream media, Cardi B’s WAP is an exemption. Cardi B is a good example of a new generation of artists. She is very smart in including religion and faith in her WAP lyrics. It is fighting against Blasphemy in today’s music industry, and the christian community are now her fans.

WAP of Cardi B contains all good values that a song should possess. The lyrics of WAP speaks about education, good behavior, and religion. Topics that are seldom disregarded in today's pop culture. Good lyricism is very important because words can empower someone to do better in life. Words can encourage someone to do great things. And Cardi B was able to provide the substance of empowerment and encouragement in the WAP lyrics.

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