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6 Awesome Versions of Ghost Rider

I have been a hardcore gamer for over 30 years. I live and breathe gaming.


1. Johnny Blaze

The antihero Ghost Rider, also known as the Spirit of Vengeance has a long list of powers and abilities that we won't get into here but to put it simply he is a person possessed by a very powerful demon from hell and this makes him nigh impossible to defeat, the most common version that people usually know of first is Johnny Blaze , a stunt motorcyclist that agrees to take on the persona in order to help his father, this is the version that was played by Nicolas Cage in the horrible movies He rides around on a badass fiery motorcycle and uses a chain as a weapon most of the time. This was the first version to show up in the comics and debuted in 1972 in Marvel Spotlight # 5.

2. Noble Kale

Technically the first Ghost Rider Noble Kale was from the 18th century and was introduced to the comics quite a while after Johnny Blaze, I couldn't find an unlicensed photo to post here but Noble was often seen riding around on a fiery horse , think Johnny Blaze's Motorcycle but with actual horsepower, he struck a deal with Mephisto out of fear for his life and the rest is history.


3. Danny Ketch

Danny Ketch also was also known as Ghost Rider but was possessed by the Angel of Death rather than the Spirit of Vengeance giving him a bit more control over his demon and although he was very similar to Johnny Blaze's Ghost Rider there were small differences such as the fact he could mentally control his chain he used as a weapon and his motorcycle transformed into a battering ram. He also happened to be Johnny Blaze's long lost little brother.


4. Alejandra Jones

Although not technically a Ghost Rider she did use an ancient ritual to steal some of Johnny blaze's power and even showed a few powers that Ghost Rider never realized he had but it was a short stint as Johnny Blaze wasted no time in taking his power back

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5. Robbie Reyes

Next to Johnny Blaze Robbie Reyes is perhaps the best known version of Ghost Rider, debuting in 2013 he is a Mexican-American from east Los Angeles and the main differences between him and Johnny Blaze are that Reyes uses swords as weapons and drives a badass fiery muscle car rather than a motorcycle, this version was portrayed on the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and was played by Gabriel Luna, this helped bring this version into the light.


6. Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider is the most recent iteration of the character and perhaps my favorite. Coming into existence by means of Frank Castle making a deal with the devil to become Ghost Rider and then later on making another deal with Galactus to gain cosmic powers and yes Frank Castle as in The Punisher, I can't think of a more badass combo than these two characters, the Cosmic Ghost Rider is a bit more on the comedic side than most Ghost Rider comics, it even includes a storyline about him taking care of and raising baby Thanos.

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