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5 reasons why women like Donald Trump?


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Why women like Donald Trump?

Why women like Donald Trump?

Donald Trump, the tough-talking president of the superpower United States of America. He leads the most powerful army in the world, and he is not afraid of the coronavirus. And might be one of few, if not the only one, who is immune from Covid.

He is making America great again by waging an economic war against China. Trump is preventing Huawei from growing on US soil and allowing iPhone to dominate the data collection operation. But despite hating Huawei, which cameras optically enhance the beauty of women, women love Trump so much.

But why do women love Trump?

What does Donald Trump have that women admire?

Here are 5 reasons why women love Donald Trump

  1. He is rich

    The most obvious reason is Donald Trump is rich AF. There is a certain magic about money that can add to a man’s charisma. Money can instantly make a man attractive to a woman. The smell of money is like mating pheromones to some of the female species. Donald trump bathes with benjamins before going to sleep, thus waking up as a perfect mate for the females.

  2. He has perfectly combed blonde hair

    Donald Trump has blonde hair like Marilyn Monroe. Blonde is the official hair color of Americans and Donald Trump is like wearing a flag above his head. Trump’s hair is a symbol of patriotism and women are loving it.

    The hair of the American president might win his re-election.

    Trump’s hair might be a personal style, or it is part of a bigger plan to win the election. It is a fact that in the US, the voting population and voting turn-out from women, are higher compared to men.

    Women care more about voting than men.

    And this might be the strategy of Donald Trump’s campaign. They use seductive blonde hair to make women vote for Trump.

  3. He has no serious medical condition

    Donald Trump is healthy and has no serious medical condition. Many men at Trump’s age have serious medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Two (2) medical illnesses that can be associated with erectile dysfunction. The good health of the American president attracts women because they know, Trump can still provide that basic human pleasure.

  4. Donald Trump is tall

    The average height of American’s is 5’9” and Trump stands at 6’2”. This means that Donald Trump stands above the normal American citizen.

    But what is the significance of height?

    There is a saying, the taller the man the bigger his shoes. And what else has big shoes?

    NBA players.

    Trump’s height is creating an illusion that the American president is athletic. A tall man to a woman’s eye is perceived to be athletic. Women are attracted to Donald Trump because they see a Lebron in him.

  5. He hates MSG

    The United States and China have an ongoing trade war, two superpowers like babies at the schoolyard waiting for who would throw the first punch first. And neighboring nations are watching and saying, “please don’t fight over candy”.

    As China is trying to replace the US dollar for people’s money as the international currency, Donald Trump is working to maintain control by imposing strict trade sanctions.

    Even Apple, the fruit from China, requires a visa to enter the United States.

    But what about this behavior that women are so attracted to Donald Trump?

    China has long been associated with MSG, a chemical ingredient that Americans blame for obesity, and other diseases that can be prevented by not eating too much.

    Continuously expressing distaste of China’s action is also synonymous with hating MSG.

    Donald Trump’s diet plays a major role in not having serious health issues, thus fully capable of running the most powerful nation in the world. And women love men in charge.

Donald Trump might win reelection or he might suffer the first major loss of his business career. But whatever is the result of the 2020 US election, Mr. Trump is a sure winner. Donald Trump has proven to himself that he has an immune system more powerful than the coronavirus and he has gained millions of female groupies throughout the US presidential campaign.

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Erl Sua (author) from Philippines on November 04, 2020:

Thanks for comment.

I am happy that you found my article funny. hehe

Kalpana Iyer from India on November 03, 2020:

You are hilarious! I could not stop smiling through it all. Much needed. My favorite line was "Trump is preventing Huawei from growing on US soil and allowing iPhone to dominate the data collection operation."

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