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5 Proven Ways to Learn English Quickly


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It’s essential to learn in a structured and proven way to get that fluent and accent. Follow the below techniques and practice them for amazing results.

Bonus tips & common questions on learning English are added at the end of the methods. Quick-Jump to method no 1

1. Grammar: Start With The Basic

  • For everything in this world, there is something basic in it to learn. And grammar is the basic and the first thing you should learn in the beginning.
  • Because there are thousands of words in the English dictionary. And for those thousands of words, grammar is the only way to arrange those words and word groups, that makes up sentences.
  • The easiest way to learn grammar is to watch grammar tutorials on youtube.

Extra note: Write and practice sentences at least for a week. (After a week, keep watching 1 grammar video daily will improve & fast the English learning process )

2. Learn 1 Word a Day


There are 171,145+ words in the English dictionary. And you’ve no idea about those all 171,145+ words.

It’s important to learn new words as much as possible. Because it primarily stretches our working memory as well as our ability to communicate more efficiently.

Benefits of Learning New Words

  • When watching movies with subtitles, it’s easy to follow the film, without leaving a single sentence. ( Don’t worry, the method to watch films without subtitles is coming below. Just continue )
  • While making a conversation with your friends/families, it will be easy to explain things without complicating or stretching the topic.

Extra note: Learn 1 word a day and try to use that word in any of your daily conversations ( Through orally and digitally ). And use every opportunity to use that word you learned in any communication.

Learning a new word a day will improve your vocabulary. You can start this exercise with method 1 above.

3. Readout Loudly


Is that important to read loudly?


Because the fact is, you can pronounce any word quietly and difficult to pronounce loudly.

When you read something loudly, you’re not only learning to pronounce but also learn to connect words in a flow

Benefits of reading loudly

  • You will be able to pronounce every word.
  • You’ll be able to speak in fluency.
  • Pumping up your confidence in speaking English.

Extra note: You can read anything you like. But make sure to read daily and loudly. You can start this exercise with method 1 above

4. Speak in English: The Key to Confidence


Before performing this task, remember this in mind, make mistakes, that’s how you grow.

  • It’s okay to mispronounce. It’s okay to forget a word. It’s okay to being stuck. What is not okay is being afraid of these.
  • You can’t learn to swim without practice. You can’t drive a vehicle without practice. And all these you learned do not happen over a night or a day.
  • The more you practice the quicker you learn. This is a common formula to learn anything. I don’t need to mention it especially for speaking. Right?

Extra note: Talk to friends, families, or in front of the mirror. Use every opportunity to talk in English.

Begin this task in the 2nd week.

5.Think in English: The Internal Programming

The Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange

Sounds different?

But this is the key to making the whole process fast.


  • We all think in our native language. Because it’s convenient & effortless.
  • Replace it with English is the key.
  • Once you started to think in English, you get many doubt’s about words and sentences. Soon you can search and learn those words or sentences that will help you 2x faster to become a super pro in English.
  • This is a game-changing technique that many people fail to execute. Because in the beginning, it is hard to think in English. You get stuck anywhere in your thoughts.
  • The solution is, not to give up.

Extra note: You can start this exercise in the 2nd or 3rd week.

Bonus Tips ( Beneficial )

Watch English Movies

Listening is also important to make the score level higher in learning English.

This is a crucial step if you’re a movies/series enthusiast.

Watching English videos on YouTube in a consistent way will help you to understand the words of any native English speaker or film very easily. So you can say goodbye to subtitles.

I prefer you to watch the difficulty mode of the video start with easy to hard. For example, a beginner who starts watching Game Of Thrones will end up with season 1 episode 2. Which makes no sense.


Listen to English Songs

This is much more interesting for people who all are attracted to English songs.

Listening to songs with lyrics will improve your listening skill in English.

Write in English

I’m not telling you to take a pen and paper to write. That sounds weird for many people.

I’m talking about writing messages in English. When chatting with a person or in need of a sending a mail, write in English.

Grab all opportunities to write in English.


1. How long it will take to learn English?

It ups to you!

If you’re a person who willing to learn English within 2 months, you can see a huge result once you followed the above methods.

2. English is a difficult language to learn?


English is a global language & it’s easy to learn with the right method.

3. What is the most difficult thing about English?

Beginning stage.

This applies to beginners only. In the beginning, it’s hard to keep things.

4. Importance of English

In this digital era, the importance of having good knowledge of English is necessary for career life. Even if your field of study is not in communication, the initial stage you’ve to pass any interviews or exams is communication in English.

Thank you!

Go through the complete methods each & every day and within months you can see the progress & results.

As I mentioned in the beginning, English is just a language, anyone can learn and master it. All you want to give is time, effort, and dedication.

Good Luck!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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