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5 Must Read Non-Fiction Books

Deepak works as an Investment banker in the risk management department. He loves to read interesting books and watch movies.

Have you ever read a book and after finishing it you couldn't get it out of your mind. In this article, I will talk about my such top 5 most interesting reads ever. I don't like to restrict myself to any particular genre when it comes to books and that's how this list is going to be. The books will be from different genres like business books to even autobiographies. So let's get started with the list:

Book List

1. Intelligent Investor
The first on my book list is The Intelligent Investor. It is one of the best business books available in the market. For anyone interested in the concept of Value Investing, this becomes a must-read. The book is a little complicated to understand. It requires the reader to have some basic Financial concepts understanding. It's more like an acquired taste but once you get used to it, you won't find anything better than this absolute gem.

2. Blood and Oil By Bradley Hope:

This is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read in my life. The book is about the current Crown Prince of Saudi, Mohammad bin Salman. It talks about his journey from being the son of the Governor of Riyadh to the second in line to the throne. It very well describes his journey to becoming Defence Minister of Saudi. It talks about his plan to shift Saudi's economy away from oil into various other sectors. It also describes his ongoing efforts to reform the country from an extremist to a modern state. This way he desires to put Saudi as a strong nation in world's order.
The book also describes few interesting stories of the Kingdom ranging from corruption to the power struggle within. Every chapter in the book is much more interesting than the previous one and keeps the user engaged in the book. It is also a must read read for the people interested in the world politics. The author in a very interesting way describes the relations of Saudi with USA. He tells us how the Kingdom usually was dependent on USA for its foreign policy decisions and how Mohammed bin Salman is trying to change it. There are several other interesting stories mentioned in the book as well. It talks about the events behind Aramco going public and how this was the first step to move economy away from oil.
I would recommend this book to people who love reading about the World politics. It becomes a must finish book once you get started with it. It would keep you entertained but at the same time will also be a very useful read for information seekers.

3. Chaos by James Gleick:
This book is a masterpiece by James Gleick on scientific theories. The book starts with the introduction to the Chaos theory and what it means. It then moves towards Edward Lorenz's discovery of weather phenomenon and the butterfly effect. The book also talks about the Feigenbaum constants. It finally ends with the explanation of modern applications of Chaos theory.
It is my favourite book in the science and scientific theories genre. It's a well written and engaging book. It tries to explain complicated theories with very simplified non-mathematical but deep explanations.

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4. My Experiments With Truth- Mahatama Gandhi's Autobiography

Next on my list is the Autobiography of Mahatama Gandhi "My experiments with Truth". The book is about the life of Mahatama Gandhi right from the time when he was a kid to the later stages of his life. The book is a little slow and requires a lot of patience from the reader. But at the same time, there is a lot to learn from one of the most respected and most loved people ever lived on Earth. When I was reading the book, I sometimes felt that it is getting monotonous but in the end, I could say it was all worth it. There are some very important learnings in the books described through various incidents. He also talks about some of the things he regrets in his life. One incident I could recall is about the time after he returned from Africa and wanted to explore India. He chooses to travel via Third class compartments of Indian trains. He found the condition of compartments miserable and very dangerous for travel. As a solution, he requested the middle-class taxpaying population to prefer travelling via third class. Such a population being more informed about their rights can demand better facilities. For any Govt. it is very difficult to neglect the demands of its tax-paying population.
This is just one of the incidents among many incidents described in the book. Through this book you will get to learn the way of living of one of the greatest leader in the World. You will get to know about his simple and yet every effective methods to gather mass support for a right cause.
Do give it a read and I promise, you would find a difference in your way of understanding certain things.

5. Mind Without Fear by Rajat Gupta
It is the autobiography of Rajat Gupta, a well-known business tycoon and the ex-CEO of Mckinsey. At the later stage of his career, the American court found him guilty of insider trading and he had to go to prison for it. The book starts with his journey as a kid to how he got selected to Harvard Business school. It then talks about his selection into Mckinsey and how he became its first Indian CEO. Through this book, he also tries to explain his side of the story in the Insider Trading scam. He explains the circumstances under which he got framed and how he had nothing to do with the scam.
It's a very interesting read and keeps you engaged in it right from the start till the end. Instead of being judgemental, I would advise everyone to read the book as a biography of one of the first few Indians to head a firm of such global stature. The achievements of this man are beyond ignorance.

Do give it a read, and let me know if you agree!!

Ending Remarks

So, these are my 5 favourites books across various genres. Do let me know if you also think the same or even if you don't agree with my list. Would love to know the feedback in the comments.

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