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5 Books for Teens That Are a Must Read!

Number 1: "You'll Come Back to Yourself" by Michaela Angemeer


This book isn't a novel, rather it displays poems. Within these poems you will read about love and heartbreak, mental health along the lines of instability, the struggle of body image, and a lot more including the reality of life. While reading these you will see personal progression and learn about discovering who you are. This book is perfect for young adults, leaning more towards the female side, but also has a big enough genre to relate to teens in general.

Number 2: "Just Friends" by Tiffany Pitcock


You've heard of enemies to lovers, but this story is good girl with bad boy. This novel has its twists and turns, while this good girl and bad boy become friends just to use each other to live lives they aren't used to. They want to experience new things, a different side to life, and this new friendship they have created with each other gives them a chance to do that. While touring on this new journey with each other, they try to not only convince everyone else they don't feel anything for each other, but also themselves. This story is a perfect choice for people who like to read stories on the edge of their seat. It's also a great coming of age story for teens who love a classic romance.

Number 3: "The Year After You" by Nina de Pass


This story gives you a good cry, as well as a good smile. It contains secrets, fresh starts, and heartbreak. The main character in this story tries to chose between keeping the memory of her dead best friend, and growing closer to the boy she might love. She keeps secrets from the people she cares about and herself also. Read this story if you want to watch things unravel, and find out what consumes her first... grief or the truth.

Number 4: "We Were Liars" by E. Lockhart


This story is for an audience that likes to read edging thrillers with a dash of romance. This story also contains the highs and lows of social construct, and human right problems we deal with every day. The novel includes the story of two families at war with vengeance, new friends, and teenage lies.

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Number 5: "Forget This Ever Happened" by Cassandra Rose Clarke


This book tells the story of a young girl who moves to an old town where suspicious things always happen. This main character tries her best to figure out the unexplained energy in this small town before she can leave it. She refuses to leave her questions behind unanswered. Read this book if you love a good supernatural/otherworldly story that will constantly keep you on the edge of your seat.

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