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5 Things I learned from Writing Articles Every Day


I am a new writer on HubPages writing on topics related to Reviews and Technology.

Image From Unsplash

Image From Unsplash

It's been 50 days since I have started writing every day on Vocal Media and Medium. I have posted over 50 articles on these platforms and have just crossed over 2500 views last week. It was a great journey and I wanted to share the things I learned during this journey with my readers. Without further ado let’s start the article.

1) You Cannot Do Anything Without Dedication

Trust me, if you are writing for 2 hrs every day after college, then it needs a huge amount of dedication. Otherwise, you will just stop it within 1 or 2 weeks after the start.


You need to have a push or motivation for something when you are doing something through which you may or may not get the result. Mine was just to put whatever thought that comes into my mind or whatever things that I have learned that day into the world. And writing what I have learned actually helped me to get a recap of it and helped myself. So even if I didn’t get any money from some of my articles, I was like “ at least I learned something from it”.


2) You Don’t Need a Niche to start, you will find it eventually

When I first started writing, I was going through many articles on how to start your own blog, everyone was like “ First, you need to decide a niche and then do keyword research and all “. Don’t take their word or listen to the advice of these kinds of people.

Just start writing whatever comes to your mind and eventually one day you will realize that these are the topics you are most comfortable with and can write 1000s of articles in that stream. Then choose it as your stream.

Don’t force it, Make it. - That’s a quote I got yesterday from one of the world’s greatest chefs in a Masterchef show and wanted to use it so badly in my articles.


3) You can’t write if you don’t read

This is kind of obvious. For writing on a topic, you need to have an idea about it. For that, you need to keep on updating yourselves about the daily events happening in that area.

Like most of my Medium Articles are about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, so I dedicate some of my daily time just to read research papers or watch some lessons in that area. That helps me in getting ideas for my next article.


4) You Will Eventually Get Into The Routine

During the first 2 weeks, I was struggling to complete my article for the day and publishing it. But soon after I started writing the articles in advance. I was somehow writing more than 2 or 3 articles in a day and scheduling them for publishing the next day.

Even now I have 5 articles in the bag for publishing in the upcoming days. Every day will not be the same. So if you are having a good day writing, just use it to get as many articles done as possible.


5) No matter on which platform you are writing, Moderators are the king

If money is your main focus while writing, this is the first thing you need to keep in mind. You need to write an article that will impress the moderators on the platform. It doesn’t matter if you are writing on Vocal Media or Medium, moderators are the king.

I have seen many people write 100s of articles, with less than 10 views per article if their articles don’t get selected by the moderators for publishing on their front page. But a single curated article on Medium or a single article on Vocal Media’s homepage can get you over 1000 views in one single day.

Till now, I haven’t got any of my articles featured on the homepage yet. Moderators if you are reading this, please consider it while selecting your featured article, LOL.


Thanks for reading the article.