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5 Reasons why the World Listens to Kpop [New Generation]

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I love music and I am 33 years old, which means I watch the news.

kpop superstars

kpop superstars

KPop has taken over the world. Kpop fans are increasing every day, as one graduate and mature to adulthood with less colorful clothing, another one springs to take its place. The cycle repeats and provides the Kpop genre the boost needed to storm the entire world.

A few years ago, outside Korea Kpop fever was only beaming in South East Asia. A group of countries in the tropics but with citizens wanting to be white. The pale white skin and perfectly shaped nose replaced singing as a measure of talent for a singer.

The Kpop idols were consistent in their performance and producers were pouring billions of dollars in expensive music videos for Barbie and Ken.

But why do people like Kpop so much?

Here are the 5 reasons why you should start listening to Kpop:

  1. It has no disturbing message.

    One of Kpop music’s good qualities is not hiding disturbing messages of hate and violence on their song lyrics. There are people like me around the world who cannot speak and understand Korean. My inability to understand the Kpop song lyrics is a protection against bad song messages. Kpop words will only be received by my ear sounding like sweet food.

    So why do messages inside a song matters?

    A song's lyrics are powerful because it can contain messages that can manipulate the behavior of a person. Repeatedly hearing a curse in a song can teach the listener to curse. The impact of a message in a song is powerful because songs are played in our ears and to our brains repeatedly in a day. The number of times a song with a bad message is listened to, the more that song can influence a person's behavior.

    Therefore, if you listen to Kpop and cannot understand the lyrics, you are protected from the bad influence of songs with disturbing messages.

  2. Kpop consume and waste less energy.

    Kpop idols are thin and female Kpop superstars are not advised by their managers to go out during hurricanes because they are prone to be swept away by strong winds. The Korean culture has a healthy and low-calorie diet that can be shown in the physique of Kpop stars. There was even a claim that Kpop idols can hide behind an electric post. The light built of these Kpop superstars is an advantage during dance routines because they are light on their feet. Dancing creates the illusion of a good singer during a performance. And if an artist is a good dancer, the audience will not notice that the 1,000 dollar show was all lip-syncing.

    What does weight and body size have to do with global issues?

    Obesity is a problem globally. Most of us consume too much to the point of sacrificing good health. Men with a belly so big that it covers the sight of the penis during peeing still continues to eat 5 giant burgers per day. The issue is in weight affecting the health of a person.

    Another thing to point out is Global warming. People who are smaller require fewer resources to thrive. Smaller beings require lesser food, lesser cooling, and lesser fuel. Transporting heavy people burns more fossil fuel compared to the lighter Kpop superstars.

    The example above mentioned two(2) major issues that the world is presently combating. Kpop is able to take over the world because their physical appearance is a representation that there is a need to address Obesity and Global Warming.

  3. They are Pro-Love, Love wins for Kpop

    Male Kpop idols look like girls. Beard and mustaches are facial features from many US Boy Bands, but not with Kpop. Kpop men look like your high school prom queen, sometimes even prettier. Girls watching Kpop male group dance can very much relate because they look like their sisters. But their female-like appearance is more than just to connect with women. Their appearances are also in support of the LGBTQ society.

    There are countries that do not accept same-sex unions. These countries are following old doctrines that forbid the union. In spite of the challenges, LOVE is winning every day. Each day, with the help of Kpop stars, many are educated that LOVE is above religion and cultural tradition.

  4. Kpop is the new death Metal

    Growing up during the growth of Heavy and Rap Metal was an era of visual interpretation. The lyrics of the songs were not understandable but watching the actions played in music videos provide significant hints on what the song is all about. Today, the likes of Slipknot, Mudvayne, and Sepultura continue to provide head bang music but are no longer part of the mainstream playlists. Millennials will not understand metal music videos due to the lack of colors and the lack of female body parts exposure.

    The leaving of metal in the mainstream music playlist created a void but only for a short period of time. The void was quickly covered by the storm of Kpop. One similarity between metal and Kpop, is you don’t need to understand the lyrics to appreciate the song’s meaning.

    The head bangs and screams were replaced by dance routines and cute little smiles. The once dark and lonely themed stages are now filled with bright colors. Kpop superstars used all the colors of the rainbow during their music stage performance and music videos.

    The life of the music industry is evolving rapidly as technology evolves. And the rise of Kpop is a good sign that music will continue to be significant in the lives of many.

  5. Kpop is for world peace

    The Russians were always the villains of movies from the United States. Every action movie from Hollywood has a mean Russian, building a Nuclear bomb and plots to obliterate the Americans. From Hollywood movies, Russia is about Nuclear Bombs, Terrorism, Espionage to the United States, and beautiful girls. Russia was taking bad imagery from Hollywood movies. But there was a big shift.

    Suddenly, Hollywood turned to Koreans as mean terrorists who want to take over the White House. The shift of villain nation might be in response to North Korea’s supreme leader. Koreans were about to be the bad guys in Hollywood movies. The portrayal of Koreans as villains in Hollywood movies can imprint a bad image in the thoughts of children.

    Continuously portraying Koreans as the bad guys in movies can create a wrong imprint on a child’s brain. It can create a wrong interpretation of an entire country. Hollywood could have been more responsible not to associate a country with evil guys in movies. But that is not the case in US movies. It is entertainment fighting against other countries.

    The portrayal of Koreans as the bad guys in Hollywood films might affect the behavior of children. And growing older, children might behave towards an entire ethnicity as what they see in movies. Koreans were about to be the next Middle East.

    Good thing the bad image of Koreans was quickly diluted by happy Kpop faces and bright melodies storming the international stage. A bad representation of a country immediately corrected responsibly and peacefully, through rainbow colors and music.

Kpop fever globally shows no sign of stopping. They continue to perform with the intent of expressing concerns about big global issues. Kpop’s are for responsible lyricism, pro-health, against global warming, pro-Love, pro-music, and against irresponsible movie representations. Whatever your reasons for listening to Kpop, keep them with pride because you are supporting a larger cause.

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