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5 Points Of Self Management From Managing Oneself Book

The people who are successful in their life are only because they know self-management. Biggest achievers from history such as Neapolitan, The Vinchi, etc these people also know how to manage themselves. And maybe that's why he could become successful. It is said by Peter Drucker, who is the author of Managing Oneself book.

Friends, this little book has powerful knowledge. In this article, I am going to tell you 5 points to manage yourself from this book. Without knowing this knowledge you might not be able to use your skills effectively.

1] What Are My Strengths?

Most people think that they know their strengths but in reality, very few people know about their strengths. Even so many people don't know their weaknesses.

In the old times, there was no benefit for knowing your skills. Because in the olden days a person has to do the same work that his ancestors used to do.

But, Nowadays anyone can enter the field that he wants. So, for this reason, it is very necessary to know your strengths and weakness in this challenging world.

Strength vs Weakness

Strength vs Weakness

According to Peter Drucker, Feedback Analysis is the best method to know your skills. If you are going to start or started your business, you have to write what you will do for your business in the coming 3-4 months. And after 3 months you have to check which things you have completed correctly and which things are left incomplete.

After 3 months, the work which you have completed well is your strength and you are weak in the work which you have not been able to complete.

In this situation, you should Focus on your strengths, but Manage your weaknesses. You should hand over the task to your employees or another person in which you are weak.

2] How Do I Perform?

Just as different people have different strengths, in the same way they have different performances. If you don't know how do you perform in such a situation, you may suffer loss.

You may not understand by reading the book, but you can understand what the teacher has taught, or vice versa. There are many ways of learning. Some people learn by taking action, some people learn by talking to someone, etc.

Your Performance

Your Performance

Peter Drucker says, Don't try to change how you learn instead you need to improve how you perform.

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To find your performance you can ask the below questions to yourself:

  • Can you work under pressure?
  • Are you a team player or do you work best individually?
  • Are you a decision-maker or advisor?

When you will get the answers to these questions then you will be able to improve your performance.

3] What Are My Values?

Many times people enter into careers in which they have skills but their values are not aligned with them. The author uses a very simple test to understand what your values are. This is called the mirror test.

Confusion about Values

Confusion about Values

After doing your work, can you see yourself properly in the mirror, next morning? If your values do not match your work, then your performance will automatically decrease.
Let's understand with an example: If You Care Too Much About Environment and at the same time you work in an oil company then it will affect your values.
What should you choose Strength or Values? According to Peter Drucker, values should be the ultimate test.

4] Where Do I Belong?

Where Do I Belong?

Where Do I Belong?

As the tennis player knows that he belongs with the tennis player. Mathematicians know that they belong with the mathematician.
Similarly, we need to know with whom we belong.
Unfortunately, most people realize where they belong after their 20s. But till then you must know where you don't belong?
Where and with whom do you enjoy working? If you found the right place for you then you will soon become an expert.

5] What Should I Contribute?

In the olden days, people did not need to think that what should I contribute. But as the economy changed, people started thinking about what should they do in their life.

Planing Techniques

Planing Techniques

  • According to the author, You need to contribute to this society. If you think in the very future to bring some improvement, then it is of no use. Any plan we make should not be more than 18 months.
  • You will have to work hard for your plan but it should also be achievable.
  • And It should have meaningful results so that the society gets some benefit.

So these are the 5 points of self-management. You will get to learn a lot from this small book. You should read Managing Oneself Book.

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Thank You.

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