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Five Manga/Manhwa for New Readers

1. God of Martial Arts (Wuxia)

What is Wuxia?

Wuxia is a very popular Asian genre, centered around roving warriors of Ancient China, generally capable of superhuman feats of martial prowess. This is made possible by cultivation, a Taoist concept that enhances one's lifespan and power through the practice of various martial arts, with the goal of cultivating Qi, a primordial spiritual force in all living things. Wuxia protagonists generally adhere to a strict moral code, bringing righteousness and justice to a dog-eat-dog world.

About the Manga:

In this world, respect is earned through martial arts. Weak martial artists harness tens of thousands of pounds of force, capable of splitting boulders. Strong martial artists can erode seas and bring down mountains. Thus, in such a world, how would the weakest of the weak be treated? Our protagonist, Lin Feng, was deemed trash from an early age despite his father being the patriarch of the Lin family, due to his ineptitude at martial arts. However, a strange happenstance seems to have happened as he was being beaten within an inch of his life. It seems that there is someone else residing within him with the same name. Having gone through two lifetimes of pain and suffering, watch how the newly forged boy climbs up to the martial peak!

2. A Returner's Magic Should be Special (Fantasy)

What is Fantasy?

Now, this is an interesting subject, as fantasy in Manga is incredibly varied, ranging from fairly dark fantasies like Berserk to light fantasies like No Game No Life. Fantasy is, and will always be, a fundamental pillar of Manga as a whole. The above is somewhere in between, with serious and light-hearted moments mingled in generously. Generally, you can expect to see Western takes on magic and culture(Magic Circles, Kingdoms, and Nobles, etc.) However, in my opinion, the depth of character interaction, as well as the interesting events that such things generate, are the true aspects of fantasy.

About the Manga:

Desir Arman, one of the seven survivors of the greatest calamity to hit humanity; The Shadow Labyrinth. He and the other survivors attempt to clear the final floor, but ultimately fail. However, Desir is whisked back thirteen years into the past. This is a story of the weakest Class One magician battling against time to save humanity. Yet, not all is as it seems. As the past changes, so does the future.

3. Hakaijuu (Horror)

What is Horror?

Horror is that which goes bump in the night, screeching in the dark, pinching out your last shred of hope with two grotesquely elongated fingers and a soft giggle. Horror is when our brave protagonists realize in shock that they are but tiny minnows in a vast lake of unspeakable predators. The incredible bulk of an antediluvian leviathan rising up from the depths of a mist-shrouded swamp to tear through a city, the eerie china dolls ambushing you with razor-sharp teeth, the futile struggles of humanity caught twixt the jaws of a far more powerful, and far more horrifying race, all contribute to horror. And in Manga, they truly do emphasize just how alone and tiny you are, in their world of strange, seemingly omnipotent, terror.

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About the Manga:

Several enormous seismic events rumble throughout Japan, on an unprecedented scale. As the dust settles, our protagonists realize that far more than earth and rock have been unearthed, as hordes of unstoppable killing creatures swarm across their town, devouring all in sight. Escape? To what? The exact same scene, monster-infested cities and countrysides! Is anywhere safe!?

4. The Lady and Her Butler (Romance)

What is Romance?

Romance in Manga can be very passionate, with hidden pasts, love rivals, and old flames. Often times, it can be hard to discern who to root for as the story progresses, exposing dark secrets or undesirable aspects of the characters. They say that all is fair in love and war, and this is truly the case in romance. Can the fated couple persevere through their difficulties? Or will they seek happiness elsewhere?

About the Manga:

Sooha wants nothing to do with men. She is wary of her mother calling about boyfriend problems, of attempted matchmaking and idealistic Prince Charmings. Yet, she finds herself saying yes to a ragged, homeless man. Warm and tasty food, ironed clothes, and clean sheets, along with housekeeping in exchange for a place to live and food to eat. The clincher? The man also claims he is gay.

5. Fort of Apocalypse (Post-Apocalyptic)

What is Post-Apocalyptic?

Post-Apocalyptic Manga generally refers to a setting in which the protagonists' society as they know it, has seemingly collapsed, leading to a new, feral world. Good authors will know to both thrill and terrify their readers, keeping them on the edge of their chair in anticipation of what'll happen next. It is a widely popular genre, as most people seem to enjoy the trials and tribulations of the characters as they struggle to grasp foreign concepts and actions in order to preserve themselves.

About the Manga:

Our protagonist, Maeda Yoshiaki, was charged falsely with murder. Despite all evidence pointing to him, he keeps on protesting his innocence even as the bars slam shut on him. Welcome to Shouran Academy Juvenile Center! Oddly enough, this is a blessing in disguise, as he meets his cellmates, Yamanoi Mitsuru, Iwakura Gou, and Yoshioka Masafumi. They, with himself, complete Cell 4. Oblivious to them, however, a new disease converting humans into the walking dead is ravaging the world. Will they safeguard this last bastion of humans as zombies leak into the reformatory, or become undead?

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