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5 Impactful Steps to Become an Author

5 Impactful Steps to Become an Author

Are you nourishing a dream of becoming an author? If so, discovering the proper procedure of how to become an author is essential to turn your dream into reality.

Although if you have not yet dreamt of becoming an author, you can introspect your likes. If you find that you are passionate about telling stories, the author can be the right profession for you.

Again, you might tend to regard the terms—author and writer—as synonymous. If you do, you are wrong. Although both appear to be alike, there is a subtle difference between them.

An author creates original published work. But a writer does the writing work. Therefore, all authors are writers, but not all writers are authors.

You can regard an author as the one who creates original published work, such as books, stories, articles, plays, poems, blogs, news items, and essays

Steps in Becoming an Author

Remember, becoming an author is not a straightforward affair. Instead, you must be dedicated, hard-working and sincere. Moreover, you should proceed along the correct path to attain your goal.

Here are the essential steps to establish yourself as an author:

#1. Acquire the Essential Education

There is no requirement of a formal college degree to become an author. But completing at least the high school education will help.

Even then, you can consider undergoing a degree course or higher education in fields, such as creative writing, literature, journalism, or communications. Such a course can help you develop the fundamentals of writing apart from helping you to understand the best writing practices.

If you do not like to go to an educational institution, you can enroll yourself for such online courses, offered by many colleges and universities.

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#2. Hone Your Writing Skills

To be a competent author, high degree of expertise in writing is a must. Remember, you can never expect to see yourself as an accomplished author without good writing skills.

So, you should hone your writing skills continuously.

One of the excellent techniques of sharpening your writing skills is to take up an internship with a publishing company.

During your internship, you will get the opportunity of interacting with knowledgeable and experienced professionals. And that can help you to learn many crucial aspects of writing.

Also, you can get your articles published during your internship. And that will help you to sharpen your writing skills apart from spotting your mistakes helping you to rectify them.

Again, you can seek a full-time writing position, which will enable you to fine-tune your writing skills, and to understand the latest writing trends.

#3. Sharpen Your Author Skills

Being an author is not only about having proficiency in writing. As already mentioned, there is a line of demarcation between an author and a writer.

Therefore, you should not fail to hone your author skills. And there are various ways of sharpening the skills.

You can tell authentic stories to your audience. But tell such stories in a creative and engaging manner. It will help to personalize your writing style.

Researching is crucial for an author. So, you should conduct adequate research to develop a deep understanding of the topic you will write about.

Without a thorough understanding of the topic, you cannot write on it in a creative and engaging style.

Observing your surroundings is another essential pre-requisite of becoming a good author. Many of your stories can be based on real-life events or characters. So, if you keenly observe the people and surroundings, you can generate story ideas around them.

You should reach out to different established authors to ask them to review and give their feedback on your work.

Subsequently, you can rewrite your stories based on the feedback. Remember, you can substantially improve your story by incorporating the recommendations while rewriting it.

#4. Write Your Book

Next, you should synthetize your ideas to write your book. It is a good idea to create an outline of the entire story. So, you can segregate the story into three broad parts—beginning, middle, and end.

Complete a draft story first. Subsequently, edit the story to fine-tune it. During editing phase, you can read the story aloud, examine the sentencing patterns, and look for grammatical errors.

#5. Publish

Once you finish editing and fine-tuning your story, you should publish it. You can adopt one of the two predominant publishing methods in vogue—Traditional and Self.

In the Traditional type of publishing, you need to submit your book to a publisher. But, the publication of your book depends on the interest of the publisher. If the publisher is interested in publishing your book, they will enter into a contract with you to publish it. And the publisher will design, format, edit, market and distribute your book. However, you cannot get your book published if the publisher is not interested in it.

But things are flexible in the Self-publishing method. In this type of publishing, you need to publish your book on your own. And you are responsible for designing, formatting and editing your book.

After publishing, you should market your book to potential readers. You can carry out marketing activities through social media and book-promo sites. In addition, you can create and host your own website and run digital marketing campaigns. And you can sell your book through online eCommerce platforms.

After that, you can start writing your next book.


You can realize your dream of becoming an author if you sincerely work to turn your dream into a reality. But you should follow the correct steps because they are essential to enable you to follow the best practices in becoming an author. As a result, you can successfully achieve your goal of becoming an author.

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