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5 Best Romance Novel Authors

I am pursuing Chartered Accountancy course. I love reading novels

When we think of reading a book, the first thought is always to go read a novel. Romance novels is a favorite genre of all time. Everyone needs a bit of romance in their life. Romance is all about love, caring, a little bit of possessiveness, intimate relationships, understanding, heartbreaks and many more. We are so busy in our day-to-day life that many a times we forget to enjoy ourselves. I think the best way to spend some time with ourselves is to read a book- Especially romance novels. I believe reading novels is a way to relieve stress. Novels are a good way to enter into another world and become a part of it.

The are thousands of romance novel authors out there. I know its a bit confusing which novel to select for reading. So, I have tried to list down some of the novels from the bestseller authors, which I am sure worth every cent of your money and time.

Here are top 5 romance novel authors, who are my favorites authors. I have also given a list of novels written by each author which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

5 Best Romance Novel Authors

1. Sandra Brown

2. Linda Howard

3. Nora Roberts

4. Diane Chamberlain

5. Brenda Joyce

Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown is one of the American bestselling author of romantic novels and thriller suspense novels. I stumbled upon one of her novel named Mirror Image and immediately feel in love with her writing style. This novel is about a switch of lookalike characters which ends up in romance. She writes one of the most thrilling suspense novels with hot, intense romance between heroine and hero. I have read many of her novels among which the following are my favorites.

  1. Mirror Image
  2. Thick as Thieves
  3. Slow Heat in Heaven
  4. Breath of Scandal
  5. Friction

Linda Howard

Linda Howard writes one of the best stalker thriller novels. She writes standalone novels which include romance, suspense and thriller. The first novel which I read from this author is Mr. Perfect and it is one the bestseller novel from this author. This novel includes stalking, murder, romance, suspense and thriller. This book is all in one kind of novel. The following are my favorites which includes genres of romance, suspense, thriller, fantasy, mystery. I'm sure even you will enjoy reading these.

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  1. Mr. Perfect
  2. Dream Man
  3. Now you see her
  4. Shades of Twilight
  5. Son of the Morning

Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is an American bestselling author. She writes as J.D. Robb for Death series. Her novels ranges from crimes to romance to suspense. Her novels include with strong and beautiful heroine. The Obsession is the first novel I read from this author. I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic thriller novel. You can pick up any novel from this author and be pulled into the world of romance. The following are one of the best novels I have read from this author.

  1. The Obsession
  2. Carolina Moon
  3. Shelter in Peace
  4. The Villa
  5. Public Secrets

Diane Chamberlain

Diane Chamberlain is an adult fiction author. She is also the bestseller authors. I recently came across this author and after reading The Stolen Marriage, I went on to read more of her novels. I love her writing style. The Stolen Marriage is set across World War II. The novel vividly explains the lifestyle of people during that period of time. The author also writes contemporary novels which is filled with compassion, love, caring and romance. She is one of the novelist who writes realistic novels, which are both intriguing and closely relatable to normal life. Some of the novels I have read from this author and liked a lot are given below.

  1. Summer's Child
  2. The Silent Sister
  3. The Good Father
  4. The Stolen Marriage

Brenda Joyce

If you are a fanatic for historical romance novels like me, then you should absolutely read novels written by this amazing author. Brenda Joyce also writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense & paranormal historical romance novels. The Conqueror is a historical romance novels which is filled with romance, heartbreak, adultery and love. This novel encouraged to read more novels from this author. Here is a list of combination of novels which I loved.

  1. The Conqueror
  2. The Third Heiress
  3. Splendor
  4. Beyond Scandal
  5. Double Take

I hope even you enjoy reading the novels listed above.

P.S: This is my first attempt in writing my views. Do provide your valuable inputs about this article.

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