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Short Stories for Kids: The Twelve Passengers

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Peachpurple kids love to read story books especially Aesop fables from different countries around the world

366 fairy tales by Brown Watson

366 fairy tales by Brown Watson

Reading Bedtime Stories

Toddlers and kids love to listen bedtime stories, fairy tales about gnomes, giants and Aesop Fables stories teach them about morals, understanding what the stories are trying to elaborate.

It is advisable for parents or older siblings to spend some quality time reading bedtime stories to young toddler and kids in order to enhance their listening skills and memorizing the stories from top to bottom.

If you try to skip one part of the same story, he may even stop you and correct your story which he remembered better than you!

A painting of a mother reading a story book to her child.

A painting of a mother reading a story book to her child.

Aesop Fables

My kids love Aesop Fables very much.

Everyday, I would spend 15-30 minutes of my time to tell them different Aesop Fables stories and explain to them what happened, why did it happen and so on.

They understand the morals of the various stories well and I was amazed that they could remember the Aesop Fables stories and applied them on different events that happen on our everyday life, school, friends and many more.

My favorite Fairy Tales Book

Recently, I bought this gigantic book called: 365 Days of Fairy tales by Brown Watson. It was on sale in one of the local bookstores.

Although the book relatively thick, heavy and printed in tiny prints which hardly could be seen ( for a shortsighted mom ); I was glad that I bought it because it was worth the price for 365 assorted stories from different countries.

This is a collection of fairy tales book for 365 days with 28-31 stories in twelve months.

The fairy tale lists are printed on the front page of each month so that you could choose or your child may choose which story he wish to listen.

There are Japanese, Russia, Grimm Brothers, Aesop Fables and many more fairy tales which you have never heard before.

Here, I would like to share with you one of the stories that my kids love to read and hopefully your kids will enjoy them too.

I love to buy short story books especially the thick books with 365 stories for the whole year.

Reading bedtime stories of can be a chore when I am out ideas. When I was young, my mom never read stories to me but ranting about her problems. It had became a "gossip bedtime stories" to me.

I wouldn't want to repeat the same mistake my mom made. I would rather narrate Aesop Fables or moral stories to my kids in order for them to learn how to be a better child by listening to the stories.

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After reading story books, my child wanted to see the picture too and it is up to me to make believe that this story is real.

That is why I chose 365 story books, never out of ideas and I can repeat the same story again if he likes them.

If you want short, simple stories, buy this book

Summary of The Twelve Passengers / The Twelve Months

The Twelve Passengers is also known as The Twelve Months in other countries fairytales. This fairy tale is a Russian fairy tale collected by Brown Watson, a splendid author who writes kids fantasy bedtime story books and Aesop fable fairy tales.

The Twelve Passengers is one of the best fairy tales in Russia and other countries too. This is not just a common fairy tale of gnomes and fairies but the funny facts of how the twelve months were created in the beginning of time.

Who Are The Twelve Passengers?

There are various versions of stories about the twelve months collected from different countries around the world. Children were taught and memorize the twelve months of the year since they were in pre-school but do they know how and where it came from?

In The Twelve Passengers fairy tale, January, February, March, April, may, June, July, August, September, October, November and December were actually the names of the twelve passengers travelling in a coach.They have different characteristics that matched well with names.

Let us read along how the story goes and enjoy this version of The Twelve Passengers or The Twelve Months which may give your children a twist of knowledge and uniqueness of different months.

Ask your kids which month they love best and why. You may be surprised of their answers.


The Story about The Twelve Passengers

Jan, Feb , Mar & April

A strange stagecoach drew up just as the bells were chiming midnight. Even though it was the New Year, the sentry rush out to check on the passengers. Twelve in number and all dressed up very strangely indeed.

The first was well dressed. He must have been an important person because everyone else was watching him with an air of hopefulness.

He said his name was JANUARY and then he darted off, saying that he had thousands of things to think of for the rest of the year.

The second passenger said he knew that his life was short and his days were numbered, just 28 days left. So he wanted to enjoy himself while he could. His rowdy fun making antic annoyed the others. He replied snobbishly, " Don't you know that I am FEBRUARY, the Prince of Carnival! "

Don March is the third passenger. He was thin and moody.

April, May, June and July

The fourth passenger pointed out the silver moon to March and told him that it was a silver treasure which obviously was an April Fool's joke. So, you could have guess by now that his name was April.

To lease March, Madam May sang one of her lovely blossom time songs to ease his anger.

The sixth and seventh passengers were Miss June and Master July, both dressed in summer wear and their only belongings were their swimming suits and sunglasses.

August, Sept, Oct, Nov and December

The eighth passenger was Mother August, who had a basket of fruits, full of vibrant colors and freshness. She looks wealthy and overweight because she was constantly perspiring.

The ninth passenger was Professor September, a renowned artist for his method of painting leaves.

The tenth was Count October, who knew all about agriculture. He was proud of himself, preaching about his knowledge.

His neighbor, Sneezy November, a thin tall chap, with a constant cold, couldn't control his sneezes, drown out October's preach.

The last and the least was Grandad December. He was the last passenger. He carried a fir tree which at Christmas, he planned to decorate with lights and tinsel.

Then, the sentry carefully checked all their passorts, saluted them with pride.

"A very good year to all the Month family," he said with a broad smile.

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