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3 Most Life-Changing Books Everyone Should Read at Least Once in life

Have you ever heard the saying that readers are leaders, the more you learn the more you earn? Then you are at right place.


Have you ever heard the saying that readers are leaders, the more you learn the more you earn?

I agree with that to a point it used to be that I would just buy every single book that people recommended and read it religiously and then I realized a lot of them kind of say the same thing. I almost think it's better to read one book five times than five books one time.

I know what you're thinking right now you're like well you're gonna recommend to me new books.

Yeah but if I had to read these three over and over again these are the ones I would reread. we are going over the three books.

1: The very first book we got this was, I

really didn't want to like this book as much as I did because I saw it in urban outfitters and I'm like I don't want to be that cliche like millennial reading that book but I mean don't judge it by its name.

I was so stoked I read this The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.Book by Mark Manson. it was just a really fun light-hearted read all about kind of self-development and how these ideas what that rant we just went on with the general pretty much like the arts or the science of improving yourself.

2:In the second book, we got Jonathan Hardt the Happiness Hypothesis.

What are the 10 ideas that actually work to make people happy .one massive

idea I get from this book as I was

rereading it is that ,ultimate freedom can make you freaking miserable.

now I know this sounds like a paradox because some of you are in jobs right now that you don't like and you're like well if I didn't go to that nine to five or you know to open the fricking zoom meetings all day I'd be a lot happier. some people you know they're in relationships and they think that ultimate freedom would be awesome if they weren't.

whatever you want to apply that to in this book it talks about one study that I found fascinating one dominant factor that looked at suicide rates amongst people you know what that dominant factor was constraints.

The people who were more likely or less likely to off themselves. it came down to having constraints having something outside of themselves that they were responsible for that if we don't have any responsibilities. in other words, if we're totally free we can also be totally miserable.

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the whole book kind of goes over some ideas like that where we think we want this but actually science says don't fall into the trap that doing anything, you want all the time, is the key to happiness.


Next one when most people go about

change habits they think about tactics,

give me the books to read, give me the

techniques, what meditation to do, and what

manifestation technique.

One book that opened my eyes to this

right is our third book right here

Atomic Habits by James Clear everyone in

my colleagues were telling me to read

this for probably a year since it came out

and I was like I'll get to it and then i

finally did and I was like holy that's a great


But it talks about this right here the goal is not to stop reducing cigarettes actions the goal is to become a non-smoker the goal is not to put on your running shoes and run a marathon now the goal is to become a runner.

See if it's a book before you really dive in that you want to commit to comment down below with your number one book that you want to read this year or you would recommend it to others.

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