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3 Effective Ways to Make Money Using Your Facebook Troll Account in the Philippines

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3 Ways to Make Money Using Your Facebook Troll Account in the Philippines

3 Ways to Make Money Using Your Facebook Troll Account in the Philippines

Facebook troll accounts are very useful in spreading disinformation. If you need a lucrative side hustle, creating troll accounts might be for you.

A short disclaimer before we proceed with the article. The article is not encouraging Facebook troll accounts and it's for entertainment purposes only.

What is a Facebook Troll Account?

A troll or a social media troll is someone who tries to instigate conflict, hostility, and spread fake news. Normally, these are fake accounts. But, there are a few dumb trolls who use their personal accounts openly. If you have multiple personalities, this side hustle is perfect for you. It’s very easy to create a fake account in the Philippines. Anyone can steal a person's identity by creating a fake profile, and confirm the fake account using a disposable sim card.

How can you Make Money Using a Fake Facebook Account?

Start a Dropshipping Store on Facebook

Dropshipping is a business model where your main role is to sell the product online. While, logistics and payment is handled by a different person or business.

How are trolls used inside a dropshipping business?

Users are more likely to buy something when they see a review from a satisfied customer. This makes troll accounts useful inside a dropshipping store on Facebook. If you own several fake accounts, you can make fake reviews of your product even if no one has ever bought it. This will make your product look very reliable and increase your chance of making actual sales. You also have the benefit of being anonymous. If someone is dissatisfied and complains about your product, they will have a hard time reporting you to the authorities.

Work as a Social Media Manager

The Facebook algorithm favors content interactions like Likes, Shares, and most of all Comments. Thus if you have many fake accounts you can give multiple fake interactions to a content. Your fake comments from your fake accounts will also draw comments from real users. In return, the content will have a higher organic reach inside Facebook.

If you will become a master of this, you can offer your service to clients.

You can make money by working with businesses needing awareness and growth. And all you need to do is make fake Likes, Shares, and Comments on your clients Facebook Page.

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Start Your own Click Farm Business

The first two examples are for small-time Facebook trolls. When you level up as a gangster troller, you can now invest in building a click farm. From a solo freelancer you have upscale into a business that hires other trolls to work for you. A click farm with ten (10) employees can have at least 3,000 fake accounts. You can also call trolling a role-playing career or a stepping stone to acting.

Click farms are very useful during election season in the Philippines. Since most Facebook users don’t practice critical thinking when using the app, trolls can quickly spread black propaganda from politicians.

Mudslinging inside social media has become a new normal, the more trolls a politician has, the higher his chances of winning.

Politicians will pay a high price in the Philippines so they can win a government seat. Thus, to make more money, you will need to partner with politicians aspiring for higher government positions. A national election trolling contract can fall in the range of $40,000 to $400,000.

And the best part of it, you don’t need to share facts.

Most trolls only focus on fabricated information intended to devalue someone. This is much easier because you can share whatever is inside your head with less regard for what others may think about you.

How to Start a Facebook Trolling Career?

If you’re too sensitive to the word ethics, you will have no success as a Facebook Troll. But if you think of ethics as subjective, you can be a Facebook troll in the Philippines. You can start by buying 5 disposable sim cards and start to create your first five Facebook fake accounts. Then start using your different characters inside Facebook groups and pages, and engage in heated meaningless debates. This will train your brain of what you will be doing most of the time as a Facebook troll. Never share facts, never fact check, and respond with a body-shaming insult against someone who slaps you with a well-written response.

When you're comfortable working with five accounts, slowly invest in growth until you can develop a profitable click farm.

Like any other career, it’s best to start early and do not overthink. The skills to become a good social media troll can be learned along the way. Start now, and discover the different personalities you can use as a successful Facebook Troll.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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