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25+ Best Romantic and Cute Falling in Love Quotes

Kent is a veteran writer for HubPages. When she's not writing about tech stuff, she would write poems and quotes about life and love.

Falling in love is bliss. A wonderful feeling that often goes beyond words.

Falling in love is bliss. A wonderful feeling that often goes beyond words.

The feeling of falling in love can be delightful for the many. It is a feeling that is oftentimes indescribable through words. When you find yourself falling in love, you feel inspired and even poetic. You want to express how you feel in the most romantic way possible. Even so, not everyone chooses to express love through words. Others choose to express it through actions. Nevertheless, love is something is truly special. If you ever find yourself at loss for words to describe how you truly feel, these quotes may help inspire you.

1. Let love find you.

Often, we find ourselves desperately searching for love. Little did we know, it's right there all along.

Don't find love. Let love find you. That's why it's called falling in love because you don't force yourself to fall. You just fall.

— Unknown

2. You can't force love.

Love is a force of its own. You can't force it on yourself nor can you force others to feel it for you. You simply have to let it flow.

In life, you have to take the pace that love goes. You don't force it. You just don't force love, you don't force falling in love, you don't force being in love - you just become. I don't know how to say that in English, but you just feel it.

— Juan Pablo Galavis

3. Being in love with someone is a rarity.

It's not something that you will magically feel just because you want to.

I think that one of the things that you do learn is that falling in love and being in love with someone is a rarity. That you don't fall in love as many times as you think you're going to. And then when you do, it's really special; it's really important.

— Julianne Moore

4. Love is constant.

There's an abundance of love, it's just that some people refuse to acknowledge its presence because they are not yet ready to let go of the hurt.

We never get enough of falling in love and believing in love.

— Shemar Moore

5. The paradox of falling in love.

Love is never about losing oneself.

There is another interesting paradox here: by immersing ourselves in what we love, we find ourselves. We do not lose ourselves. One does not lose one's identity by falling in love.

— Lukas Foss

6. True love waits.

Love is patient. When love is true, know that it will come at the right time.

Love requires patience. If someone is willing to wait for you and prove to you about his love and intention, then, it is real love. Love is not measured on how long you have been waiting; it is about the love that perseveres.


7. Let love take its course.

It's a feeling that calls for the inevitable.

Love does not appear with any warning signs. You fall into it as if pushed from a high diving board. No time to think about what’s happening. It’s inevitable. An event you can’t control. A crazy, heart-stopping, roller-coaster ride that just has to take its course.

— Jackie Collins

8. Each day it grows deeper.

Way deeper than you've ever thought.

Each day my love grows deeper, deeper than I never thought before.

— Unknown

9. Falling in love requires courage.

The courage to take the first step. The courage to choose love over doubts and inhibitions.

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No one ever fell in love without being a little bit brave.

— Mario Tomasello

10. It's that magical moment.

No one can ever tell you when it's coming.

She wasn’t exactly sure when it happened. Or even when it started. All she knew for sure was that right here and now, she was falling hard and she could only pray that he was feeling the same way.

— Nicholas Sparks

11. Fall in love with something.

Fall in love with something, anything.

The key is falling in love with something, anything. If your heart's attached to it, then your mind will be attached to it.

— Vera Wang

12. Connect with a cause.

The deeper the cause, the more you're connected with it.

When you connect with a cause, it's like falling in love.

— Debra Winger

13. Staying in love.

It's a choice.

We fall in love by chance, we stay in love by choice.

— Anonymous

14. Falling in love is bliss.

It is born with the pleasure of looking at each other.

Love is born with the pleasure of looking at each other and fed with the necessity of seeing each other every waking hour of the day.

— Anonymous

15. You want to be that person.

You can't help it. You like it best when you see them smile.

There comes a time when you meet someone and you just want to make them smile for the rest of your life.

— Anonymous

16. There's that look of content in your eyes.

You gaze at each other and that's all you need to make your day feel complete.

Love is when you look into someone eyes and see everything you need.

— Anonymous

17. The higher the wall, the harder you fall.

Find someone who's ready and willing to catch you when you fall.

The higher you build walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

— Unknown

18. Avoid it while you can.

If you can.

If you’re afraid of getting hurt and feeling severe pain, then avoid falling in love.

— Unknown

19. Never forget.

Never forget the feeling of what it feels like to fall in love like the first time.

I was falling. Falling through time and space and stars and sky and everything in between. I feel for days and weeks and what felt like lifetime across lifetimes. I fell until I forgot I was falling.

— Jess Rothenberg

20. Love is a feeling.

A feeling that is undeniably too powerful to play with.

Love is a feeling, a feeling of happiness. Love is powerful, too powerful to play with. This feeling is strange and hard to describe, but when you fall in love, you will know it inside.

— Unknown

21. There's always a beginning.

The beginning of it all.

All love stories are tales of beginnings. When we talk about falling in love, we go to the beginning, to pinpoint the moment of freefall.

— Meghan O’Rourke

22. Fall in love like how a leaf falls from a tree.

Falling slowly but surely.

Have you ever watched a leaf leave a tree? It falls upward first, and then it drifts toward the ground, just as I find myself drifting towards you.

— Beth Kephart

23. It feels like you're floating.

It is a wonderful feeling to experience and to cherish while it lasts.

You know you’re falling in love when the feeling of falling actually feels like you’re floating.

— Rashida Rowe

24. You can lead someone to it but you can't force it.

You can't make someone feel the same way as you do.

You can lead a heart to love, but you can’t make it fall in.

— Unknown

25. Indeed, it is the greatest feeling of all.

Let love dwell within you.

The greatest wonderful feeling is falling in love.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

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