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21 Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Writing


Writer's Block is real. For someone who took creative writing classes in senior high school, I've had my fair share of getting stuck on a rut. Our minds need as much exercise as our bodies do. It's important to make little assignments for yourself to create even just a short story with even just a few words to get those creative juices coming. That's why I'm sharing to you guys some creative writing prompts to kickstart your creative journey of writing a bestseller, or just to give your beautiful mind a workout.


  1. Your character lives a hundred years from today, a woman, with the strength of an army, but she is forced to become a handmaiden instead. She has to give birth to children she cannot raise as her own, while struggling to use all her pent-up power wanting to fight in the war.
  2. Your character is a tribal leader. S/he promotes peace in within the community and everyone lives peace and cooperation - until a ship full of voyagers arrive. Her/his community believes that they are here to help and your character has to convince them that they aren't.
  3. Your character is a painter from the 16th century and has been tasked to paint the country's history in a different light, with the royal family being portrayed as the good ones when in fact, they are not.


  1. Your character's parents are refugees. S/he discovers that s/he comes from a family who used to be active cult members and they are now tracking their whole family down.
  2. There is a house right down the street that your character thinks is too creepy when his/her family moves in to their new house, but the whole neighborhood says it's just an old inn. Some people stay in the "inn" and leave very happy and satisfied, so your character wants to make a visit there as well.
  3. Your gets recurring dreams of being stuck in a beautiful mansion. It's all the same: s/he is standing in the middle of the big ballroom and but s/he can't move. One day, your character doesn't wake up from the dream, but is instead stuck in it.


  1. Your character is gifted a dog by one of his best friends, then he discovers that she is a talking dog with a snarky attitude that gets them in trouble most of the time.
  2. Your character finally lands herself the job of dreams - an accountant. Her friends make fun of her for having a boring job, but little do they know that she actually has the coolest job of their group.
  3. Your character waits in line for the sequel of his favorite movie franchise for the whole night. He's standing behind a girl he's been in love with his whole life, but he's on a date with his girlfriend and his friends don't make the whole situation easy.

Science Fiction

  1. Your character owns and runs a bar and is closing up after a long night, then all of a sudden, s/he finds a pair of non-humans ask him for some human drinks. At first s/he's scared, but discovers that they're friendly and have known about the human race for a while now.
  2. Your character has the ability to time travel, with the help of her macguffin. She goes back in time a lot to find out who her real parents are because she's adopted. One day, she accidentally does something that caused a butterfly effect and everything changes in her timeline.
  3. Your character is an alien prince who has to get out of his world to flee from the rebels. His father has been murdered before his very eyes and he has to recruit help from others space beings to save his world now run by the rebels that instead of helping the people, are hurting them.


  1. Your character is a detective and she's given an assignment to solve the mystery of deaths all over the country that are linked and can be traced from one family... her spouse's.
  2. Your character wakes up in the hospital with bruises all over her body and no recollection of what has happened in the past 48 hours. The character's friends haven't seen him/her as well. They are now all determined to find out what's happened to them because the police mysteriously don't want to help out.
  3. There's no restricted area in the library. In fact, it's always just been a boring workplace for your character, until s/he notice two people at the end of an aisle then when s/he turns around, they're gone. S/he hides in one of the bookcases and discovers that there's a secret room within the library and those two people disappear there every day.


  1. In the 21st century, no one really believes in fairy tales anymore. Your character, though, is a literal fairy and her parents have told her to blend in, but she continues to use her powers to get through high school and get back at the terror principal that no one knows is a dark wizard.
  2. Your character find a magic well in your grandmother's mansion and find out that she's actually not from this world, which means that your character isn't too.
  3. Your character comes from a family of hunters. The grandfather tells your character all that s/he needs to know about the mythical creatures from your homeland, running rampant in America after they've been run off by your character's family. The thing is s/he doesn't want to be a part of it.


  1. Your character falls in love with a bartender. Since your character is the daughter of the president of her country, undercover agents follow them around, but they find their way to always escape them.
  2. Your character spends the summer at his grandmother's house all the way on the other end of the country. Every year, he has a romantic summer with a local girl and every school year, he has a girlfriend.
  3. Your character has spent the last few years being single after a terrible heartbreak. Your character meets someone just as emotionally distant, but they seem to work it out in the end.

I know these aren't super good, but I hope they're helpful to just practice your skills. If in case you want to use them for educational purposes or even to write your own novel, I would be happy if you will. Give life to these stories and characters! I wish you all the best.




lyka (author) from ph on June 03, 2020:

LaZeric, happy writing!

LaZeric Freeman from Hammond on June 02, 2020:

A couple of them tickled my fancy in ROMANCE and COMEDY. Thank you.

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